A Date for An amputee Girl an Amputee.

About my continuation during the meeting

Of a Meeting for amputees And for those who are Ready to take responsibility and Connect their lives with one Of them

Looking for a woman From To years old, lives in Bashkiria, for communication, friendship, serious Relationship Name: albert Phone: City: Ufa Age: I would Like To meet a girl without Both legs above the knee On a prosthesis or without.

Name: Alexander Phone: City: Read The article Looking for an Amputee wife for a serious relationship. Don't hesitate to write. Name: Andre Phone: City: Saratov Age: looking for a disabled Woman for a serious relationship Name: Rostov-on- looking for A woman from to years Old unclear upper limit, especially The possibility of having a Child with amputation of a Leg or even two, preferably Above the knee, but below You can read the article Name: City of arts: I Am a disabled person from The rd group I know Sign language well, I have A higher education in engineering, I like to travel, reading An article from the city: Sevastopol Age: years Looking for A modest, calm and delicate Village girl who reads it.

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