Advise the German CHAT

I'd have to find the German chat

Connection with the difficult situation with the chat with real Germans, you want to try to practice language in communication with the virtual GermansI ask you to give the address of chat rooms in which you may have been, and about which you have formed a good impression. The subject is not critical, just not professional questions were discussed there. Well visited German chat is very chaotic and I personally absolutely do not like. Communicate mostly there are people who want to talk, about anything with them there won't. Well I wouldn't say I'm all in Germany were, what they met with me something special, I specified that I am looking for nothing except for communication. Here men harder, I think. Much easier for others to find on ICQ.

It is possible to make a normal search by age, sex, knowledge of foreign languages.

Nothing is easier to find a friend on ICQ, especially when the language is not really know.

Found several goons-hares, with whom communication is not fastened. In front of me and still this problem is. Well, actually, we should not have, knowledge of the language to prove to anyone is not necessary. But of course, I would like to communicate in the aboriginal language. I gave a link of the forum of the Germans in Moscow, but there I have not yet reached, and can go a little different route.

Just don't send me to Google, I was already there

For example, in our small town there is a 'in the program.

There call and ask for help and offer help. And what - you can choose: help when visiting the doctor, shopping, etc, and there are more to read and to maintain a conversation, there is even assistance for foreigners(speaking).But in such cases, and to chat with. Older people looking for companionship.

With them you can practice.

I have not been there already years, but then there were all the normal people, the ones that were 'wrong', immediately brushed aside. You are lucky Lincence. I'm there to run. In my opinion, there is now only one other date is prescribed. Or just the two of us talking, others not noticing.

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