American Timeshare diva Is open To new Relationships - she Wants to Meet a

Her heart is open to New relationships

Once in an interview, cher Admitted that her life was No less masculine than Cleopatra'sToday, even the American singer And actress is actively looking For someone worthy again. Fate smiles start-up artist: We met a producer who Had a great influence on The development of her career. Soon after, they were married, And chastity's girlfriend appeared.

Then the couple began to Sing as a Duo and Only in the sixties began Their solo career.

The singer was married to Bono for ten years.

After the divorce, they maintained A cordial relationship. Until now, cher had considered Her first husband essentially the Man of her life. Unfortunately, Bono tragically died in. For the second time, cher Passed under the crown with The musician Par. Their love story developed so Quickly that they signed a Contract a few days after meeting. Alas, just nine days after The wedding ceremony, the singer Filed for divorce, explaining her Decision by saying that she Did not know about the Harmful consequences of Gregg's devotion. And yet, the relationship wasn'T over. The lovers reconciled and got Married for the second time. Soon the son of Elijah Was born. However, even the birth of A child did not save Even without a fragile relationship. Married for two years, finally divorced.

Less cher went alone to Conquer Hollywood

After her second marriage, cher Is no longer officially married, But this does not mean That she did not have Attempts to establish a private life.

At one time, he filmed An affair with the band'S bassist.

Later in the interview, the Artist admitted that cher was His first serious love affair, And left an indelible mark On his soul.

However, Lyubov had to hide Her romance from the public, So as not to disappoint The numerous music fans in society.

It should be noted that Cher had an affair with Actor Tom cruise.

At the time of the Meeting, he was a debutant Artist, and she was a Forty-year-old world star.

The novel was not given A sequel. Now cher's heart is free.

She dreams of discovering self-Confidence and a person with A great sense of humor.

It is these characteristics that The singer considers to be A priority when choosing the Chosen one. At least, so says a Source who asked to remain Anonymous, but who knows the Artist best.

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