anonymous meetings

This is a situational carnival or masquerade

About the myth of the man in black glasses with the attached dream of such an impossible thing as anonymous DatingActually, how can I know another person if I remain anonymous? But there is a situation when such knowledge is possible.

Masquerade because masquerade who wore a mask for everyone and not only me.

This is the basic condition, the violation of which destroys the masquerade situation. the appearance of a person without a mask immediately destroys the game, it can be anything, but it is not a masquerade. Respect, for example.

Here, however, is important, but

Often we can read in ads that will benefit us from this or other services, and we promise to remain anonymous. It can be a doctor, a business service, or any other service, but the only thing that matters is that by agreement of the parties, one of them speaks openly and under their own name, while the other cannot be herself, while maintaining anonymity. The dream of anonymous knowledge; it is a dream of such perfect service that the other person will have another person who can meet me, but in such a way that he will not pretend to have anyone, but just be himself, and I can act incognito, under a different name or without a name, that is, he will remain at all the known meetings. After all, it is possible to imagine such a perfect disguise, in which a person acts incognito and for himself, he does not recognize himself, he can be anyone, and not just himself.

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