As a collection of Weights

But only in such sizes can there be a special attraction

Everyone knows that depending on the sign of the zodiac, a person has a particular personality, for certain functions, and so onThe twelve signs of the zodiac. He weighs his entire life before making a choice. It's a sign, and there's nothing you can do about it. These people are always something to claim. Libra - sign of air. And very much a bright representative of humanity. They are intellectually highly developed, with almost never smiling faces. Balance is also always irresistible. Over the course of their long lives, these people are looking for a person for whom they can get a degree, the perfect man or woman. In General, the zodiac sign that governs the so-called house of marriage. However, Libra is rarely happy. Some experts claim that such people only love themselves. Like meeting a Libra man. This issue often affects half of humanity equally. In this case, a person, a sign of air, first of all, needs constant attention. It balances something proud and selfish. But not with everyone, this is not always specified. Balanced men in my life, Love is just a woman. They dedicate their success to different companies.

It is assumed that men are not faithful partners of Libra.

Which, if not through the love of knowledge

This is not right. The fact that women often change friends Is only because the stairs are constantly changing they are looking for their ideal. It is impossible to live under surveillance. Male Libra, of course, have a certain freedom. I think it's very simple, but how.

Meet the Hard sex shed.

A person with a zodiac sign can give up everything for some bird passion, if we are in this pleasant conversation experience. Very often the representatives of the Scales are going in the wife for another woman, less beautiful. What's wrong with that? The essence of this law is that a person in the balance can only have a say in what you do according to your criteria.

Balance your wife on a pedestal, and then try walking.

When a woman stumbles, she just falls in your eyes. Such relationships cannot be maintained. And another thing: Balance never forgives treachery, but this behavior is not alien. So is the satisfaction of the Libra man.

First, it must be a woman to understand the freedom in this sign in a special way.

This does not mean that unmarried Libra and start a family. In fact, on the contrary, connect soon enough, swear to me. Libra gets along well with his children and appreciates his wife. The main thing is that everyone should meet their own needs.

Male Libra only gets along with a few women.

You need to prepare and deal with the economy, second - your children need to work together to educate, third-work, fourth, this man is a sexual pleasure.

Also an ideal wife for strong sexual representative variables. For example, today it is fun, playful, and tomorrow it is harmful and bitchy, and so on. the ideal choice for men is a woman Libra sign of Gemini. Only in this special one that combines everything she needs. While studying astrology, you can learn more about how to get acquainted with a Libra or Taurus person, how to get acquainted, for example. This science requires a lot of time and concentration. In any case, nothing allows you to learn from us, a person for each sign of the zodiac is better than a personal contact and contact. Perhaps in this mode in Gender, you can find out as a cancer patient or representative of another satisfaction trait. Also, the main thing is still communication.

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