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You will always understand who You need to communicate with

Our Dating service was created Specifically for Armenians and takes Into account the peculiarities of The norms of behavior and Communication between ArmeniansBarev helps Armenians from all Over the world come together For serious relationships and start A family. If you record all images In strict moderation, you will Never see any obscene images. In our Dating service, there Is no registration or subscription Fee, you only pay for The ability to send requests By correspondence. View profiles and approve incoming Requests, completely free of charge. We pay special attention to Reports of abusive behavior by App users and take prompt action. These measures provide the best Conditions for the comfort and Safety of communication between Armenian girls.

Thus, the service is designed To ensure that communication between The parties does not go Beyond certain limits.

You can always block unwanted Conversations, and they won't Bother You the most. At the very least, publishing Personal information allows you to Register confidentiality. Similarly, in personal correspondence, you Can say anything you want, Which is possible only after Mutual sympathy and approval of The incoming request for correspondence. Thank you for spending your Time wisely and finally finding What you're looking for: Upload high-quality, vibrant photos And you'll notice that You're being proactive, please Send your requests in cute Correspondence, people don't show Any signs of attention to You and Express their condolences In a personal message. correspondence.

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