Cannibals in the United States, searching for victims on the Internet

The"food"offered to him turned out to be a police matter

His victims are searched on the Internet: a Texan that people wanted to eatThrough A"post on the Darknet", he insulted his husband in the UNITED STATES after a young girl tried to kill him, and then did not want to. A year-old from Texas, he was arrested after an undercover police officer apparently offered up his own daughter for the crime, Florida police said on Tuesday.

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Currently, he is threatened, in particular, with conspiracy charges and, therefore, most likely, a life sentence. On the Darknet, the hard-to-access part For example, there was a search warrant issued by Florida police officers who targeted the Texans."I want to try desecration and cannibalism and see what it feels like to kill someone,"it says.

The police officer contacted the sender at this time and handed over his minor daughter to the dispatcher.

The man continued to write to the officer:"I don't care about role-playing games. What I really want to do is rape, kill, and commit cannibalism. Then the officer went to Texas and took the years that were in mid-October. According to the police, the suspect was happy with his arrest. As a result, otherwise it would not be under control with its implementation plan. Unfortunately, we can't comment on all the articles in the comments section. Additional information can be found in the Central editorial office's statement. If you have any critical comments or suggestions, please fill in the following fields. In order for us to respond to you, please enter your email address email.

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