This is one of the first such conversations

Chat roulette is a very popular video chat site that is a popular alternative to chat roulette."Other alternative"This site is not similar to other chat clones in roulette, although the principle of random selection of interlocutors is present here.

This video chat had its own listeners before the advent of online Dating via webcam.

After a while, it became possible to use the camera and video from the microphone. It still brought a lot of popularity. Because Chat Roulette is not like other alternatives to Chat Roulette.

Previously, people interacted randomly in text chat

The fact is that there is a slightly different interface, namely, the ability to configure the search for interesting interlocutors. You can also specify the language you want to communicate in. Chatroulette does not require user registration. Its popularity is evidenced by the counter of network users, which is quite high (about a thousand network users). This site will be of interest to many people: those who do not have a webcam, and those who have already bought it. The truth about video chat meets many people who do not communicate in English, let alone Russian. It is recommended not to rush to transmit unknown contact information, as it can be anything. Once you have started talking on this site, you can see that roulette chat is very popular among the residents of India, Indonesia and the Philippines. This is why you often meet people from Turkey and African countries.

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