Children chatter

Messages addressed to you are red in color

Children chatter"welcomes youTalk to children about any topic, but do not violate the rules of the chat, as you will be blocked by a moderator or robot. Don't be sad, be cheerful, be original and open, then everyone will want to talk to you. Monitor your child's full-screen chats so that you can see more messages and conversation partners. Chat for kids"Chat for kids"is designed for free communication on any topic. However, there are rules for non-compliance that you can punish. This is why this is not allowed in our chat: Use obscene language and insult other children. Repeat the same message many times. Writing long meaningless messages. Repeat the same message many times. Write the entire message in capital letters. Ads for websites, products, and services. If you follow these simple rules, you will be able to speak calmly. As you speak culturally in the chat, your score will increase. But remember that even a block will drastically reduce your account. If you have something to report or suggest, please come to our guest book and let us describe all the details. We will try to solve the problem. Instructions in the chat To write a message, select the destination column at the top.

Click on its name and it will appear in the"Who"column. You want to write a private message that only the destination sees, and you tick the"personal"box. When you are communicating with all your friends in a chat, just don't choose the recipients.

In the"a"field, write"all". Now, if you have already contacted someone, click on the red x next to the name in the"a"field. After you have selected your destination and written a message, press the"Say"button or the"ENTER"key on your keyboard. If you simply press the ENTER button, Your message will not be sent, only the cursor will be moved to a new line. For your convenience, your messages are highlighted in the green chat window. Everything with a pink background is your personal correspondence, visible only to you and your chat partner.

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