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Instagram's online chat service allows for the free exchange of information between activity and curiosity to become part of everyday lifeIf you enter"free online psychological chat"in the search engine, you will get more than a thousand search results.

Of course, such a large number of pages should be filtered according to the quality of the services provided.

The"Dobroye Slovo"helpline makes it possible to get a free consultation of an anonymous psychologist in an online chat. What is the uniqueness and feature of such communication? All the fault of postmodernism Let's be honest. Many of us with his mountain of problems have not yet managed to get to the normal government of a psychologist, and psychological online chats and consultants are already divorced. Stuck in a mountain of personal difficulties and most of their possible solutions. Not stuck because someone is eating too much or someone is driving too close. The fact is that in the postmodern era, there were many changes in the way of life to which we are accustomed. With the invention of the Internet, there was almost unlimited access to information, the possibility of virtual communication appeared, work took place not in the office, but at home on a computer. Online journalism, online managers, online translators, online training courses. Online chat of a psychologist is not a fashionable breath, but a timely response of psychology to the"challenges of time", its overcoming. Urgency"in virtual space": responsible for this way of thinking in postmodernism, for which communication in the chat room has become a matter of course; technologies to become an integral part of life; with my psychologist from an online chat, Instagram Transmission reacts to the rhythm of modern life; Providing emergency assistance through online consultation is relevant not only in emergency situations, but also in cases of financial, economic and social instability. Psychologist of an online chat. What are the characteristics of the link? A real-time consultation is not an e-mail conversation when your emotions and experiences are already"burned out", but a direct written dialogue; To maintain anonymity, which gives you the opportunity to reveal your inner world and its sensitive issues, in order to be sincere with complete confidence; Advice in the chat is usually free of charge; There are no geographical restrictions - the dialogue with an online psychologist in a chat is available to residents of different countries. availability of consultations at any time convenient for you or in emergency situations A conversation in the chat room allows for further analysis, which is difficult when communicating verbally; You do not leave your comfort zone - an apartment, a sofa, an office worker or a favorite cafe; You can check the time of the consultation and the response to it. Thus,"online chat of a psychologist"is free, anonymous, available at any time of the day, reserved and convenient for a modern person. Online psychology does not reject other types of psychological help and integrates them into the network. Use the advice of an online psychologist right now to solve problematic issues.

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