Contact advice for boys, girls who want to know

So don't try any cool pickup lines

Adjustable shoulder strap Non-Show Girl and you play Non-Show GirlAnd most importantly, I will also refrain from making stupid comments about other teenagers. Someone who stands with their friends, talks in a voice on a passing girl and brings Proverbs like"Oops", Horny Tits, old man or something like that, not only to hooker girls, but probably to all the girls you know. Maybe other guys are laughing at something like this, but by letting out (or laughing out) all these Proverbs, you can completely corrupt the girls. Why do you hurt yourself with these statements, not only to the girl, but also to the expression. Most of the other girls who hear about it, too they feel offended. The same can be said about the Internet, for example, in a chat or community: Outwardly, they never humiliate or submit to others, you-for your reputation.

If you still have a girl you barely know, a girl you've fallen in love with, or if you still don't have enough with her, as you said, try to start with an eye flirt: smile if you're too pretty (but not insistent).

If she then smiles back, you may have the opportunity to confront her and tell her that you want to get to know her better and that you want to meet her.

Not from a girl, if friends are standing nearby

Because it can be inconvenient. When you first get together several companies that you need, don't talk about intimate things.

But do something and talk about something that might interest you.

You can already tell if she understands you or not. The same principle applies to online Dating, for example, in a chat room. I don't go straight into the personal and intimate, but I'm talking to the girl about something that interests you both. She also reads how she once fell in love with the Internet.

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