Dates with girls

If the girl interests you at first, do not miss your chance

Probably, in front of any man, be it a boy or already an adult man, when the topic was once raised:"How to meet a girl"How to arouse the interest of a girl, and the acquaintance found its continuation."Online Dating has recently gained popularity. Of course, you communicate through the monitor, in a virtual space that is easier and freer. But I agree that there are no surrogates for visual communication, live communication is much more enjoyable. It's like meeting a girl. First of all, you need to understand that knowledge can be everywhere: on the street, in the Park, in the store, etc. You don't need a library. She will only date intelligent female representatives, and anemones lose in Nightclubs.

In any case, the community's experience and self-confidence are evident in practice.

And confidence is an essential quality of a real person. After a sentence that you begin to know.

For example, ask him if he has anyone, or ask him to explain how he can move into a building. It is advisable not to approach too quickly, so as not to violate privacy. It is better to keep two feet and the length of your arm at arm's length. The introduction begins with the correct"Yes", there will still be an opportunity to move on to a bolder"you", and perhaps the initiator will be the same girl. Not to discuss the first meeting in old age is insensitive. If you continue here, you will still be able to find out not only how old the girl is, but also her date of birth. Use humor in your communication. It is no accident that it is said that"the most precious gift of nature is a cheerful, mocking and friendly spirit."Girls, you will put an informal start to communication.

If you speak clearly, don't do it

The main thing is not to go too far and get sarcastic. A useless way of communicating can be intimidating. Don't be afraid of failure. For"the one who doesn't take any chances."If a girl is openly beautiful, it does not mean that she is inaccessible. She may have spent her whole life waiting for someone like you. If not, there's nothing to worry about. Do not despair after rejection - this is just a sign to continue the search. And you don't have me in charge. Remember: a negative experience is also an experience. Before you start getting acquainted with the positive wave of the melody. Easy and casual communication style positions you as a girl. Less talk about"me". A selfish, improbable type-the object of dreams of tender sex. If the girl asks you herself, don't answer completely, but leave. Girls are mysterious creatures, and the same love puzzles. Talk while talking to a girl as often as you can call her by name. This will give the communication proximity and position in relation to her. When you congratulate them, tell them honestly. Women intuitively feel wrong and perfectly recognize a lie. If you meet a girl while you're looking. One of the main rules of communication with a girl is to choose the right topic of conversation. If you see that the girl's face has appeared and has become indifferent, immediately change the subject. To find the right direction, you must carefully observe her reaction. This can help you with your sign language skills: If a relaxed, distracted girl during a conversation starts to clog or shake her leg, then a girl who is insensitive to words pulls on an object or lowers her eyelids and looks at a spot, and not for you, she clearly became bored. And when she crosses her arms over her chest and doesn't stop communicating. if her movements are open, the girl has sprouted in your direction and has her eyes wide open, she is interested. If you remember the saying that"the eyes are the mirror of the soul", you can also see that if a girl is positive, then her pupils dilate, and, if I may, the pupils usually contract. In the process of perception, a man, a man, and in our case, a girl, plays an important role in the formation of the first impression. If the overall impression is favorable, then this leads to positive ratings and its unknown qualities. If, on the other hand, an unfavorable first impression prevails, then it is negative. And this is where the acquaintance will most likely end. In any case, you need to remember that even girls know and want to attract attention that they like a guy, but do not know how to do it.

Many are looking for you, and perhaps they are looking for you too.

If you're in a good mood, you'll be fine.

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