Dating chat site

Welcome to the chat for meetings and discussions. Our Dating chat has many features that are designed to improve your communication. Let's list the most important ones: Chat without"updating"and with a constant link, i.enew messages are displayed in real time and without delay; Chat traffic is minimal and close to the traffic of the Icq service, thanks to the chat, it is available on connections with very low bandwidth; If you have lost your connection, you can simply restore your connection to the chat. You don't need to go back to the chat; Dating chat is available from all modern browsers, especially from Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera; the chat is located on port m (the default port) and does not use any other ports, which allows you to access a network chat where not all external connections are open. Dating chat has a number of custom settings that allow you to customize the chat properties according to your needs and capabilities; the job generates statistics on the basis of which is formed assessment of the chat. If you are having difficulties using the Dating chat or want to improve it, please speak on our forum. We wish you to spend some time in our meet and chat room.

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