Dating Daisy - ARD The First

Change works wonders, especially in the case of life crises

'I think I-war‘ the crisis'- With the beginning of find Daisy suddenly unintentionally as a Single. Her husband Antonio has cheated on you after years of, of all things, with her new colleague, Tanja from the clinic.

But, unfortunately, this man has, of course, a huge catch

Spontaneously, like the Berlin nurse Daisy now is, and throws the unfaithful guy unceremoniously from her life and decides to start over again.

Everything at the beginning.

A Plan for this, Daisy has not yet, but that's what Carla, the best friend and colleague, with good nerves and better ideas. And so Daisy dares with Carla's strong support to the single market and is looking for the same in a different home. Your new house turns out to be, however, as the old dump, and Daisy's MRP is to irritating to its full extent, in order to let it update. Since the Crash, fortunately, of not very unsightly craftsmen Markus in your car and in your life. He offers to help her with the renovation, and Daisy wouldn't mind, otherwise from him a little under the arms to grab. After the first disappointment, Daisy is plagued by Self-doubt, but easily a stand-up is not ännchen opens as under, namely: Daisy seduces and is seduced, falls in love, is disappointed, tricking and being tricked. In search of the great love, it goes haywire: first Date, second Date, next Date. this includes friends, family, colleagues, and the everyday madness in your Job as a nurse in St. Joseph hospital. But Daisy will not be intimidated, not even by the arrogant assistant to the physician Dr. Alex Noll and the brand's DNA senior physician Dr. New beginnings, car accidents, collapsing walls, lots of frogs, an Ex-husband who shows up from time to time, and a dream Prince: The full, plump, cry beautiful life waiting for Daisy and the audience from autumn in the evening program of the First. Comments do not appear immediately, but will be unlocked within a matter of hours the editorial. There are no external Links, addresses, or may Telephone numbers will be published. Please avoid for privacy reasons, your E-Mail address.

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