Dating Queen movie movie pilot

It is the Dating Queen par excellence

In the Jew of Saratov Comedy Dating Queen reporter tries to To respond to Amy Schummer, who rejects monogamy, to the honest overtures to the sports doctor Bill HaderAction of Dating Queenen (Amy Schummer) works as a journalist for a renowned men magazine, has a great Apartment, great friends and One-Night Stands to the hilt. Her father has taught her as a child, namely that monogamy is not a realistic approach of human life. Amy's rejection of any romantic obligations only to falter, as the charming sports doctor Aaron Conners (Bill Hader) begins to make serious advances, and once she has him for her magazine interviewed.

And Amy has followed this advice all her life

Unfortunately, the smart woman, however, has no idea how to behave in such a Situation. Background information on Dating Queenen Schummer is considered to be one of the great young talents of the American Comedy scene. Since it is available as a Stand-Cup in New York on-the-go, and was able, in addition to roles in series such as Rock, Let it go, Larry. and Girls also have their own series to get. Since it is on Comedy Central for the Scotch-Comedy series Inside Amy Schummer in charge. For Dating Queen Amy Schummer wrote her first cinema screenplay. Bill Hader is from comedies like Never again Sex with the Ex is known, in which he appeared previously but usually only in supporting roles. He often works together with fun bird Jew Abaton (Super Bad), the results here also is a Director and producer.

Dating Queen is the first movie in the Abaton, the associated script is not written.

In addition to roles Dating Queen can come up with famous names such as Daniel Radcliffe, Brie Larson, Lobron James, Marisa Tomi, Tilda Swindon and Ezra Miller, the last two have already been in the gloomy Drama Who worked Need Tok Talk Abou Kevin.

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