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And I'm still not ready for a serious relationship

As you will see in this short video, Paris is a vibrant city located in the South of FranceAnd it is very pleasant to stay in this Mediterranean zone of moderate climate (about Sunny days a year). However, the film shows that the French are serious, well-groomed, even if they are a little drunk, they prefer elegant rooms for meetings or just to have fun with friends late at night or at the weekend. They also like to travel around France and Europe. In Paris, there are many beautiful places to spend your free time and make new appointments.

Here you can meet a lot of young people, mostly serious young people, often alone or with friends. Even in the spring, when this video was shot, the weather in Paris was good.

The city is surrounded by numerous beaches, ideal for meetings and just a ten-minute drive from the city. There are many historical monuments and places that you want to visit at least once in your life, such as the Romanesque aqueduct. You can, of course, say that it is good to live in France: Mediterranean cuisine, lifestyle, never-fading sun and tranquility-these are the words that define this ancient city. You will fall in love with these small stone streets, the famous Opera house and Comedy Square - the city's youth center. situation in France Russian women are often told that the men of their country are not serious, uneducated, rude, do not drink or work. In Eastern Europe, it often happens that you meet a woman alone with one or two children; her husband has left her, and there is no news of him. The French have charm, gentlemen, and good manners: they value love. They have great respect for all women, Russian or not, they take care of them, they are well dressed and often actively involved in sports. For everything else they do around the house. Young people in France want to be successful in life. Many seek to take up high positions or start their own business. They are very well paid. All they have left is a meeting with love. Since the birth of feminism in France, women have become increasingly independent over the years. Today, you can often find a French woman, even one who plays with men like"dolls", communicating with them only for the sake of sex without tomorrow.

It is very often impossible to predict a long-term relationship (for example, marriage or marriage planning). After all, there are many single (serious) men in France who are tired of loneliness and short communication; they are looking for constants and serious relationships.

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