Dating site for serious relationships

Security We guarantee that we do not use fake profiles or software bots. All users are authenticated, and violators are removed. We do not sell or exchange data. Honest statistics You can always be sure that we show you an honest number of users on the site, for example, men and womenYou can check this in various lists of users, such as those who have registered on the site in the last few hours. Time saving Users who are not active on the site are hidden in the search, meaning only those who are active are displayed. The search was created for your convenience.

Search results are sorted by activity level, and users who recently visited the site are shown at the beginning of the search.

There are many search types with different criteria that can be saved, so You can use the search without having to enter data over and over again. The percentage of users who responded to new messages from other users. Place your ad on the wall today and get a lot of responses. Ease of research various types of research View new users who have registered in the last few hours in the General list of new users or in search results Displays users who are in the network, in search results, or in a shared list to determine the selection. Volume with new events on the site that introduce you to new users A list of new photos uploaded by users over the past three days. Search for users who are currently in a chat and are quickly starting to communicate. Photo contest A game to find out. Enabling an online translator Psychological tests help you find the right users. Audio-video chat Only users who have the same goals will see it in search results.

Only lists show all site users, regardless of their goals. Convenience of privacy on the site You can hide your profile. In this case, you can only see the users you are writing to. With a Platinum Membership, You can choose each time to show or not show your site to other users. All for your convenience.

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