Dating up close - Naked Dating

This Show, the topic of Dating cards on the left

Because here women face and men do not, as usual, dressed in the best case, later on, to take off, but exactly the oppositeAll the candidates are naked.

Vagina, Penis, Breasts are visible, even before the candidates meet attracted to each other.

The selection of the partner or the partner takes place by means of a so-called Pickre or a packer.

Particularly, and also on this Show: only people with model measurements are not in front of the camera, but Singles of all stature, hair, and body size.

In the show "Video Dating Site" at RTL II are all naked, and all of them are Single. You are looking for on this particular way your Partner for life - or sometimes just for the upcoming Night. The candidates can't hide behind fancy dresses and cool accessories, small blemishes to distract. To meet men and women as God created you. A Single, and six naked, which will be unveiled in six boxes. At the end of the Pickre selects his Date - also naked. Can be the love in my life? Is physical attraction or the length of the Penis is the key to more? Can be a life partner without cases more successful, than if you are looking for via portals and Apps, the wife or the husband for life? The Show is presented "Video Dating Site" from presenter Milka Boff Fernandes. In the meantime, two successful seasons in the TV could be shown.

The common end of a date is only the beginning

The candidates are not from the beginning of the Show naked in front of the camera. To the imagination to stimulate and to increase excitement and fun for all Involved, the body of the Singles, only more and more visible. At the start you are only to detect the scheme. In each round a candidate is eliminated. It is then shown of the remaining candidates, the next part of the body in the following order: At the end of every Single is so naked to its place. We will she or he selected from the Pickre for the Date? In the first two seasons of the one or the other Pair found in this manner. It is not in the RTL II show "Video Dating Site" just to show up self-confident naked, but on this way maybe even love. Milka Boff Fernandes interviewed the candidates on the topics of sexuality, to your life and job and works out what must be the future Partner (in) to bring, to come in the closer selection. Even celebrities such as Cathy liars presented already naked in the show. Professional and assets of the Selected goods for you in the search for the love of secondary importance. Rather, it took Cathy a liar on a beautiful body, a likeable face and a full head of hair. Click you online in exciting Videos of the naked candidate, learn more about the many positive reactions and reviews, and learn through pictures and Trailer of what awaits you in the Nude-Dating.

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