Dating without a smartphone? Is your international meeting possible without a smartphone

George's phone call showed that he was taking care of him

If millennia is so much for their smartphones to establish and maintain romantic relationships, can I make a love story thrive without them? Two Nokia phones (Yes, those without Whatsapp and social networks) and two prepaid SIM cards, each with a $limitFor one month, all communication had to be done via Nokia phones, by using the following methods hacking a limited SIM card. This meant that SMS rations (which cost five cents each) and pictures (sent by MMS, which cost from one to several cents each time, depending on the size of the picture). After just one day of experimentation, we were faced with a problem. I received an SMS message from George on my iPhone saying that the Nokia phone is not working properly. I immediately sent a message:"TREAT ME, it's OK to TALK WIT ME on this phone, it's OK to BARGET ME".

Unfortunately, I didn't have an elegant way out

I arranged for a new mobile phone to be sent to him, and he was sure to bring it with him at noon the next day.

When I came and went in the afternoon, I thought that the phone had been delivered safely. I resisted the temptation to send a TEXT message to his smartphone and instead sent him a TEXT message via Nokia to see if he had received the phone. I felt so handicapped - with my smartphone, I was used to getting answers almost immediately immediately.

In this case, I had no choice but to sit down and wait for Giorgio to provide an update.

He did it five hours later.

It turned out that they inserted the battery incorrectly and did not understand. At that moment, I tried to distract myself from thinking about the reason. I went to lunch, and then he met up with a friend, but in my heart of hearts I was waiting for my cell phone to ring and tell me that a message had arrived. George had fewer problems than I had during the transition, than an unintelligent phone. He's not a very good writer, and he prefers a private conversation."With the text, it's hard to see the emotions behind it,"he said."So for me, this is not the best form of communication. I'm a little old-fashioned, and they prefer to have a good time with the person I'm Dating."On the other hand, I felt the difference more clearly. First of all, the character limit has made long conversations via SMS almost impossible. I would fight for it to find out how my day went, and given my work as a writer, I can say that I'm not very good with word limits. Instagram must be the most used app on my phone (with the exception of Whatsapp), and I often foolishly scroll through my feed just to pass the time. When I date someone, I usually follow their profile to see what makes them tick, how they eat, their Hobbies, and of course photos of their ex-girlfriends. Going back to basics with Nokia meant that none of this was possible, and when my friends asked me what George looked like, I didn't even have a single photo of him to show them.

Tall, he said, weak.

Thin? Besides the inconvenience, I've learned a few lessons in Dating. Without the pressure of maintaining a constant flow of cyber communications, I felt I could not slow down the process, and I waited to meet with George to learn more about him in person. The fact is that when writing a text, you create a false sense of intimacy - you may have met someone else. a person is no more than a few times, but smartphones (which allow you to stay in constant contact without being distracted from the activities of another person) make you feel closer to the person you are watching. I've learned to value composition again, which means I don't waste much time when his next text comes, and I save and deepen the conversation for our face-to-face meeting. In this sense, I tried to encourage a more authentic connection with George, even if we didn't meet in person. And he, in turn, did the same. I had back problems that I had to constantly treat, and one night I texted George to let him know that I had received the x-ray results. He surprised me when he called me and asked how I was doing, even my closest friends, who are no longer in the age of Casappa. I forgot about the effectiveness of the small gesture - after all, these days I only speak for those who are not familiar with it. for professional reasons or to ask to introduce my friends, calls when we are late to satisfy me. But in that moment of conversation, when we were talking, laughing, and recognizing each other - being able to hear someone's voice and tone of voice-I felt much more intimate than a series of text messages. A few weeks later, George warned me that this would be a stressful time for him, which meant that texting would slow down considerably. I realized that he was under stress, and he thought about what to do to encourage him. Under any other circumstances, I would send him happy text messages or gifts to make him happy, or maybe buy a gift over the Internet and send it home to make a nice surprise. But since he was so busy and it was less convenient to shop online with his Nokia phone, I had to get creative. I decided to do something I'd never done before: go to his house and write to him a newspaper, and some-to earn a living.

Just before I left, I confided in a friend and told her what I was going to do."He thinks I'm a Stalker.I gave up."Who answers the door these days?"Well, what people did when they tried to court someone years ago, and it was a sweet gesture,"he said, encouraging me to do so.

So that's exactly what I did. My original plan was to drop things that were stuck in his mailbox. I said I had to finish the mission and decided to keep George's gift handy.

His mother found me wandering around her house while I surprised his father, who was shirtless.

In short, George was called away, and I personally delivered my present. He turned bright red when I clumsily told him that he might need a pickup truck.

If he thought it was a freshman, it certainly didn't show up.

Although I'm not a lawyer who regularly shows up at the door unannounced, experience showed me that I didn't have to resort to any text to demonstrate my affection. I could have put more effort into planning and doing the little things that make the relationship more romantic. The effort was rewarded when he sent me a text message saying that I was"sweeter and with a kiss."During this time, through the pool, I met a new friend who took me with him, Monsieur Giuseppe Reis, a SPIRA grandfather who is still alive.

during lunch, I asked him to tell me what it was like when he and his wife met."I'm telling you, it took a whole year of meetings before we even joined hands,"he said."I saw them once on the weekend.

I'd like to call her and ask her out, that's all,"he continued. And how long it took her to make those calls last week, I was investigating."Little.

We literally set a date and time for the meeting, and then hung up."It was easy,"he said."The rest of the time, I did what I loved the most.

I'd like to go somewhere, meet people, do my own thing."That got me thinking.

I don't have to wait a whole year to hold someone's hand, but Mr.

Guo's words are still true. So our smartphone allows us to be very fast and efficient (which has really made life easier), but maybe when it comes to romance, it's not bad if you're a little older and you have time to meet someone. Instead of looking at a screen that has a potential love interest or obsession when it will respond to my texts, I can build my hobby, do my thing, and be satisfied. And when I see a person, they can tell me a lot more about what I've done, and we can really count the time spent together. Oh, and in case you're wondering, George and I are still texting with our Nokia phones, well, at least until our prepaid SIM cards run out of cash. Get the latest fashion, shopping, beauty, lifestyle, relationships and VIP invitations to fashion events, partner promotions and a chance to win big prizes when registering.

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