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But we want our Cam Chat for adults-easy and user-friendly

You might ask yourself, why do we need a page to our Cam Chat with Cam Girls and Live Streams explained

Okay, that's fine.

We have written this guide to inform you about all the settings and features of Live Video Chat Plus. So we can be sure that you're familiar with the product and nothing Major oversights. Follow Live Streams and chat with Cam-Girls, while you stay anonymous. The protection of your privacy is our highest priority. If you are logging in for the first Time in the erotic video chat, we'll automatically create an account. You can keep the default settings or how to edit your profile.

You're welcome to create an Avatar image, your name, your age, your gender and change your password.

You can also connect your own E-Mail with the Live Video Chat-Plus-account, if you want. Live Video Chat Plus is the best place to meet girls online in an erotic video chat.

You should consider to do something Special to highlight.

To send a gift, is a nice and respectful way to show your interest and to chat with a girl. A gift shop you can find in the right sidebar, if you click on settings. Pick one of the gift collections from around the To impress girls and have a conversation with her. Live Video Chat Plus you can Live Streaming earn money.

You'll Text, Flirt and talk in the video chat for adults paid, if you or more viewers have.

From this point on, anyone who wants to join your Video chat room have to pay. Not to mention you need once games just in front of the camera and keep the viewer in suspense. Private live streams will be paid a lot more.

We do not require that you have your Account verify

The same practices apply here: the users, chat with them, show them that they are important to you, be playful. We are striving to make our erotic video chat a safe and happy place for all. The quality of the Cam-improve content and cheating, we have set up moderators of the third-party. We invite reliable adults to apply as moderators for Live Video Chat Plus. Your Job will be to erotic Live Cam chat to look for girls that are still pending and the approval wait. Please be polite and reject Hosts never for personal reasons. We apply the same rules for all the Live Video Chat-Plus users, regardless of gender, age, and Religion. Visit “Become a moderator” under the “Settings” menu and click the “Send request” button to apply. You can not strike around the clock. But we want to help our Video Chat Hosts to entertain the audience for as long as possible. We have integrated a Broadcasting function, to help the Hosts. Go to record in the settings shows, and activate the recording Option will allow to use the function. Your Highlights are recorded, so you you later when you're offline, send them again. Stay so long in the vicinity of your Fans and spectators as you want. You will receive the same gifts and donations for recorded Videos as Live Videos. We support languages, thus, people from more than countries to feel at home. We have foreigners from all over the world: Europe, USA, Iran, India, Turkey, Australia, new Zealand and Russia. With Live Video Chat Plus you can practice foreign languages with Strangers, flirt, or just chat with friends. Live Video Chat Plus can notify you when someone you follow, a Live-Streaming starts. You can allow notifications for direct messages and locked subscriptions. No more missed Live Streams and more in the Cam Chat for adults. We will protect your privacy and let you to remain anonymous whenever you want. You can put users on the Backlist, in order to avoid Stalking, or people you know, to hold of them to find you. Just open the list and enter their name - as simple as that. Lock a whole country, or several, if you want, if you want to prevent all the citizens of this country to see your Livestream. All users with the specific IP setting can't find your chat room, and your user profile. We aim to process all user requests in a timely manner. Your Feedback is always welcome: It helps us to make our Cam Chat for adults even better. Regardless of whether you have problems with money withdrawals or Livestream-FPS-Drops - contact our Support Team. We would be delighted to hear from you. We invite Video-Chat Hosts, webmasters, users, and all others, to our adult affiliate program to participate. Get for every purchase of affiliated users and the income from the Partner-Model.

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