Experience in Germany

Professionally make calls completely natural

Dating in Germany this is all professional qualifications and is mainly used in written formIf the meeting or informal meeting, you can always make the interviewee or the interviewee a compliment, for example, he she looks beautiful or looks rested it has the Germans on a more casual conversation and is often the first topic. Suitable topics for conversation in the company are as weather, culture, holidays, sports. I almost never heard discussions about politics, illnesses, or discussing someone's personal life. Well, absolutely not customary in Germany to discuss the topic of money. It will be regarded as an encroachment on personal life and likely to cause negative.

The topic of money by the way, little discussed, even in families, if only for it's for some important reasons.

For example, our eldest son for a year works, but until recently, we never suspected how much he earns and only once discussed with him the issue when it was about buying a car.

If the business meeting, it is generally not accepted to discuss some personal details.

As the Germans very much appreciate your (and other people's time), then try to move quickly to the topic of conversation and working through the issues clearly, one after the other. In Germany many striking is the fact that to say Hello and talk to You all strangers. Especially it is made in small villages or towns on a bench in a Park or on a walk in the woods, in the shops and stalls and even in public transport.

If me about something ask in the subway, after a brief conversation, always wish a good day or a good further trip.

The cashier in the local supermarket always wish a lovely weekend, and the Baker will hope that my planned BBQ party, for which I buy the baguettes will be perfect. As for calls to friends or acquaintances, then it is preferable to correspond, for example, in Whatsapp. If You call a friend and start a conversation with the phrase well, how are you, what's new, then most likely the answer will be that your companion is absolutely not up to You, he's busy and if you something urgent, You can quickly him to say. To our ears it sounds harsh and unfriendly, and for the Germans it would be a normal reaction to the call that he was not expecting.

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