Fear of relationships - where does the fear of the relationship

I've always had an open ear for other people's concerns

Fear of relationships means, as they say, fear of relationships and, usually, close and long-term relationshipsSometimes the fear of relationships is obvious, I'm interested in shyness, and not just close relationships. Sometimes there is a fear of relationships, but also for statements like that I do not need anyone to be happy My soul mate just hasn't appeared yet, or the best ones have already been taken. It has a close relationship, for example, with great responsibility, refusing to fulfill their desires and needs, the end of freedom, negligence, pain and guilt.

Because it is interested in relationships with other people as a reputational risk, it is often rooted in childhood or even for men with experience working with a female partner.

The first experience of communication with parents or other caregivers of children, a person learns in childhood. For example, an overstated or overloaded, negative attitude of the child against the fear of people. In addition, a bad marriage of parents, numerous disputes or the loss of one of the parents as a result of separation can provoke fear of relationships and avoid close relationships. Motto:"no relationship like pain is born out of rejection or loss of a partner."Who is afraid of relationships, who will try everything to feel fear. Common but often inappropriate strategies for dealing with fear, such as avoiding and escaping. This is especially harmful for the partner, as it is felt with a sudden change in behavior and with the separation that has occurred, bruises the head. People who suffer from relationship fear always have the same experience in a partnership. It is only when he is aware of his harmful behavior and takes responsibility for the failure of his partnership that he can learn to overcome his fear of relationships on his own or with the help of a psychotherapist. The relationship anxiety test shows whether you are a person who unconsciously avoids working closely together out of fear.

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What motivated me most was the desire for people to discover their ability to get along better with themselves and others. This is also the goal of my consultant. As a balance of my professional activities, I find morning meditation, Nordic walking, gin Shin Jutsu, and baking delicious dishes cakes'.

Hello, I made"my wife's Years".

I'm just working now and we have nothing in common except two wonderful kids that we love. At the same time, after months and months of understanding and respecting each other. I have a wife knowing that I have everything I think and feel that I have lost years of. Now she is afraid of the relationship that we may enter into. The problem is in the past. He's still married, just on paper. It was your husband's ignorance. Then he met a man who fell in love with him, but after a while he returned to his wife with a child. Now we have learned, we know and are afraid to do the same thing in order to live again. I will confess my love and affection. He thinks I'm making fun of him. Now she writes, after asking me about her feelings for me. The answer was Yes. It's what you work for.

My boyfriend broke up with me after a few weeks.

That's why my heart wanted to work as a psychotherapist

I know he hasn't had any feelings for a woman in years, who had his feelings for a very long time, and also used them to confess his feelings for me. It had been several days since our parting had been so sudden. I'm afraid I'll never hear from him again. Messages are ignored. Before everything was fine, we didn't fight and we loved each other very much. But I don't want it to be because of nerves, and writing again destroys my self-esteem and in the long run. I hope you understand that maybe it's all the same: (I had a wonderful childhood.

No parental separation, no violence, no problems.

Careful, I'd like them not to bring it back.

But I've already done so much in my relationship life. When I have an acquaintance, I usually have my first completely"annoyed"meeting and try to get out of here as soon as possible. If you sometimes get a message more than once a day, I find it already annoying and affectionate."I wish I had someone I could talk to spend more time. Hello, I see a lot of similarities with my boyfriend's behavior. I always have a feeling that keeps me at a distance. We've learned a lot from our short relationship, so he knows he can count on me. But then you can sterilize, even if I have a child's desire, and I have both typical behaviors. I'm so sad: (I can help him. How do I react better? Lately, I think that when I have fears in a relationship, then I have some. I still haven't had a love relationship, and my closest friends have been with me for almost years, not anymore. Tenderness is an inconvenience, no matter by whom. I immediately feel uncomfortable and don't know how to react. Just talking to other people creates an insane fear of waiting in me. What should I do if the milk doesn't hold? The problem is that I don't want it any more than I want a close and suggestive relationship with another man. All I'm afraid of is my money.

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