For the inbound meetings, reminders, that then

One day he came across her in the Playground

But time has been their enemy, because they have grown in their ambitions as much as in their own, and now they are Dating again and going to the same schoolNaruto AW Yes, they prefer to be at home with my magazines. The blonde complained while sitting next to the boy. Why do the Christmas holidays have to end so quickly? Why are you so stunned after the holidays? It's so annoying.

Ion moans as he sits, crosses his arms over my chest, and looks at the annoying girl.

Her mood depresses me even more. It is the birthday of Sakura Do. Naruto actually whispered the tone to the boy. His name means"cherry Blossom, so his birthday makes sense, it's spring."She is even happier because school, like a spring festival, is held every year on her birthday. The blond man said with a stupid smile on his face and crossed his arms behind his head. This is always very important. Sakura's birthday? Maybe I should give him something special. What a festival just a few months away. Donald thought about looking at the girl who was smiling with his best friend. Make sure I wear something incredible. No, that's not true. She would sleep alone this weekend so they could go home together. Donald said he was choking on the thought.

They've been friends ever since

Do I feel a little jealous there? His brother asked for a funny guide through the streets of the house. Gratitude is not the guy you spend your weekends with. Well, since we're not in the same class, I'll walk to school. You remember the answer. But even though we're not in the same class, I've still heard about you. I have heard about you and this girl Harun, who were very close, and it is very shocking to me.

I hear she's your friend.

Itchy flushed with laughter as the big-eyed Saluki followed the remark and looked away to hide the redness that was growing on her cheek. I don't know, I wanted to ask my mom when we were going home. I want it to be the best present she's ever received.

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