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After a short perfect camera configuration, then goes directly into a move that can enter one of the chat rooms suggestions.

Try to cover as many topics as possible already at previous meetings in Germany, so that, for example, the moderator of some chats, Flirt Focus or some regions. But users also have the option to open their own chat room where they can create choose your moderator and decide who can join the chat and who can't. If you have selected a chat by first downloading a plain text chat in the main window, then all users can communicate with other users. To the right of the chat - a list of users. When you click on the displayed name, a separate small open chat window is displayed, although the webcam is activated automatically. Depending on the user's settings, you can communicate with a maximum of four other chats simultaneously. Users who do not have a webcam can also join a text chat with other members while Dating in Germany. To give other users a personal view, even if you are offline or not available for Dating in Germany, you have the option to create your own small profile.

if here Pornography Kids tries to leave this site, please

Here you can, among other things, admire your personal data as reference data, and then, according to age, interests and Co. enter a check use the camera to confirm your identity and upload to a small gallery with some photos, so that other chats can see in advance who is on the other side of the expected chat window. For users in the chat profile, also find out how active the person you are Dating in Germany is, whether it is a regular or premium account and already some portal chat promotions that have been affected. Because in order to meet other people, promote, Dating in Germany offers several small games. Here, users must search for information from unknown chat profiles specifically and according to specific instructions, and then get a badge for your profile. Eventually, you'll also learn how to meet new people to talk to. Although Dating in Germany, webcam chat in the foreground, as mentioned above, a webcam, is not a must to chat.

However, despite the guarantee of anonymity of users in the chat, the software the camera that you want to show, it also invites something from some people to see the webcam of others, without wanting to show it.

To avoid this, personal settings for conversations without a webcam are automatically blocked. You can also specify when your own webcam was never started. For example, you can set a female webcam to automatically activate users, while for male users you can specify that the camera is allowed to watch before asking for permission. Or you can directly establish that some chatterbox-like Webcams couples never watch. You can also set the maximum number of users who can join a webcam chat at the same time. Four cameras are the limit, but also for one or more webcam chat down rules for review and pleasant chat with other users.

Even during the creation of chat rooms you have the ability to block certain you can only chat with your friends and acquaintances in your own webcam chat room.

In this mode, you guarantee Dating in Germany, its users, as sufficient flexibility and security during the chat.

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