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If I have a road Person, do my best for them

Don't look at his Age, I am active, sociable, Observant of his appearanceIn the company of friends Is not boring, fun and Energetic, I love to dance And sing karaoke. I respect people with humor, Like all sentimental women, a Little naive, modest and vulnerable. I hope to meet a Respected person with a sense Of humor who will become My friend, a solid support That I can love and Stay with them for many Years to come.

All women are looking for A good, generous, kind man

So we need to program The robot.

A man should take his Life with its flaws, because We women are not perfect.

A man should be the Most economical, practical person in The family and in any Situation to find a reasonable solution.

Aquarius, born in the year Of the Black cat Rabbit.

I live in a small Private house. I hate loafers and drunks. Retired I don't like That word, but still working.

Very fond of big hairy Dogs, cats, nature, her.

Man, kind, reliable, loving animals, Knowing how to do second Job at home, maybe ready To move.

A good positive Creator of Trust vulnerable not hysterical all Understanding and expectation of your Only one I love life, I would like to add To men I am not Thin I am able, because Good, of course, to his Only positive joy and at The same time faithful stay, Moreover, I am a person Who can be relied on In everything and only greedy, Long-lasting, humorous, not greedy, Good person. She's on her own. I want to meet a Man so I can start A family. Kind, caring, at home, no Bad habits, no problems. I want to love and Be loved.

I'm looking for.

A person who is determined To have a serious relationship. work the sponsor is not Looking for it, but does Not want it. With a sense of humor. Without any space. Who I really am.

Yes, the usual one.

There's nothing special about me. Don't believe in miracles, In good people. That thoughts are about all Material things. Believe in true, sincere love. I believe that a man And a woman can match Each other like two halves Of a puzzle. Believe in fate. If the person sent by Fate, in the end, you Will always be together. A HUGE DESTINATION to WHICH PRIBEDITELSTVAM, A person with HEALTH Who is PREPARING the RIGHT WORLD, which CAN be GUIDED GUIDED DIRECTIONSEVENTS with WOMEN in The Saratov region. Here you can view profiles Of women from all over The region for free and Without registration. By registering on the site, You will get the opportunity To communicate with women and Girls whose region of residence Is not only a meeting Place, but also other regions And regions.

If you want to get Acquainted, find love, make new Acquaintances, make friends, then the Second half of our Dating Site is waiting for you.

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