Free Dating Service in Azerbaijan

It all depends on the Patience of both

He will know everything, only personally

I Would like to meet For a serious relationship, start A family, despite the distance, I live in Baku

Cute, sensual, kind, romantic.

Ladies and gentlemen girls, don'T want to praise themselves And say nothing either, not Everything is appreciatedNot married, no children. Desired age: from to years. The desire to start a Family is not a complete Beauty, growing from to cm, The desired Slavic appearance, a Native of the mind and Heart, from any country, we Finally met the right one. If you are a simple Girl, kind, joyful and you Too, like me, still have Someone who will be next To you, and you want To start a family, then Write it down.

Distance extends the candy period

You can't explain why People meet or how to Find each other. Especially if they live in Different cities or countries. Just what happens, just fate.

Put a little sympathy to You will respond

Don't answer me unless You're ready to talk To a guy from out Of town. I live in Baku and I know that distance doesn'T matter to find the Girl you love and be happy. Looking for a serious relationship, Starting a family, with a Serious and caring character, a Girl of - years. no more than that. The purpose of meetings, a Full-fledged part of the Family, living together. Birth of children. About me, I live in Baku, free, no children.

Every girl dreams of finding Her own man, with whom Relations are built on mutual Respect, trust, and sincere love.

Loyal, interesting, intelligent and developed person. Those who like Light steam For the New year, sometimes-cartoons. And especially someone who believes In love. I consider myself quite a Man with a good sense Of humor. Hardworking, pure, gentle, tender and Sensual closeness of a woman To a man.

A citizen of Poland or The Baltic States, winning in marriage.

I really hope that I Will find women with whom There will be feelings and Sympathies, and the marriage will Be present for a long time. Close to the human spirit. Words are hard to explain, But I think that when We communicate, it turns out That if we have common Interests, then he looks at The world. Welcome to the Dating site In Azerbaijan.

Here you can post a Profile of users from all Over the country for free And without registration.

But after by registering, you Will have access to communication With people not only in Azerbaijan, but also in other Countries of the world. If you want to get Acquainted, find love, make new Friends, friends, then the second Half of our Dating site Is waiting for you.


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