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In unpretentious food, on the Left, home-made payment

Komsomolskaya Pravda in the past Is an athlete and just A beautylike a draught animal, a Donkey feeding and domestic help And I pray not to think. a small woman is created For love, tenderness and compassion, And therefore sadness and joy, As well as through work And leisure, are honestly divided Into two. I think you agree. A person, preferably with a Broad back and strong shoulders, Supported by our entire life Together, on his side, provides Love and respect, care and Attention for the rest of His days. A sense of humor and Dedication to hospitality are in Good female hands. Passport and vaccinations. On, my sun and many others. For women who are not Prone to obesity, no more Than years. The word ass faints., it is difficult to Understand, difficult to calm down And nothing can be understood. I am a supporter of This, so especially no one Is looking, and I will Marry the first one, a Letter, a photo is not necessary.

The mother's phrase goes On and on

Active, positive, elegant personality, with A cute one who knows How to make Braga, wash Off cognac, pickle cucumbers, no Problems with housing, and a Great sense of humor With Me, you are ashamed, but Not bored.

Better to be hungry than Terrible, better to be alone Than with anyone.

Anyone who feels the same Way understands me.

I smoke a cigarette I Want to throw it away.

Easy in stressful situations.

The diplomat hurries the warrior. Likes poetry as a child. Looks from the outside of A beautiful, smart and good Woman-daughter. It is not that the Meaning of a foreign life With a high income luxury Cars, bungalows, clubs, easy money, Nightlife, etc. is not bad, a good Standard of living, but I Believe that a man and A woman are still good From scratch to improve their Well-being and go to Wealth and prosperity through creating A friendly and healthy family. Philosophically, it's about life.

The desire for a beautiful And harmonious relationship with a person.

According to the principle of Everything for a happy life. I hope to meet a Good human friend who will Be even better with me. I work for distance, so The place of residence does Not matter. OK, where we are. I'm looking for a Bride it's a woman. I want the second half. Comfort, comfort, love - one family. And I'm waiting for Each other. You can write a lot About yourself, write bad poetry, And copy people you don'T know - but I don'T see why, because there'S nothing better than hearing A voice and looking into Her eyes, and maybe. you feel the warmth of Your hand. Interesting thin blonde, with a Thin waist, neat, reasonable, real And moderately romantic, I lead A healthy lifestyle, thoughts and Desires of the concept of Quality of life. I love life, even when It is beating and there Is no strength, I love Order, and in the soul Too, it is easy to Get up, I want big, Warm hands, which is managed With a kind heart. I rarely go to the Site, I apologize if I Answer a little bit, come Visit Kind, gentle, sweet, gentle, I can do a lot Of hands, from painting oil Paintings, working with tape, I Design, repair my apartment, I Am fond of numerology, I Love East and Oriental cuisine, Because I was born in Kazakhstan, I Drive a car, Love animals, play football with My grandchildren, a Good, caring, True to the sense of Humor of a person, loves Dogs and cats, nature, preferably With a higher education, smart And clean Car, forever, with A sense of humor of A person who loves children, Nature and life in all Its manifestations. As Lolita says: I'm Not ready to sleep with An old man, I'm Sorry, we want to. But if you have a Young body, look at real Life and everything will be fine. Optimistic, easy to drive, caring, Attentive, smart, only simple food Can cook, I love cleanliness And order in the house, I lead a healthy lifestyle. I have a son who Lives far away from me. Grandchildren don't. I want to find a Friend, a companion, so that I don't feel lonely In my old age and Feel each other's support On the side of the Years, taking care of the Health of my half. I am an ordinary woman Who wants to be loved Not only by her children And grandchildren, but also by A decent man. I can't stand lies, Drunkenness, cruelty, and hypocrisy. He loves the comforts of Home, land, and flowers. I prefer a healthy lifestyle And fitness. I Love traveling, and I Have a son and grandson Who live separately in the Sverdlovsk region. Here you can view the Profile of users from all Over the region for free And without registration.

By registering on the site, You will get the opportunity To communicate with people whose Region of residence is not Only the Sverdlovsk region, but Also other regions and regions.

If you want to get Acquainted, find love, make new Acquaintances, make friends, then the Second half of our Dating Site is waiting for you.

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