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He values people who are Responsible, reliable, and kind

I welcome all men to This siteI cook delicious salads and Soups, I like to create Comfort in the house. I am looking for a Man from till years old, Without bad habits, who wants To start a family, likes To travel and study sports. We will be happy to Build our family nest and Create a pleasant atmosphere. Likes to cook, meet people. I lead a healthy life. I want to love and Be loved. Live with your loved one In peace and harmony for The rest of your life. Wine in a glass to Drink until it plays. Until you live to see The end. Komsomolskaya Pravda in the past Is an athlete and just A beauty. like a draft animal, a Donkey feeding and a housekeeper, And I pray not to think. a small woman is created For love, tenderness and compassion, And therefore sadness and joy, As well as through work And leisure, can honestly be Divided between two. I think you agree.

A person, preferably with a Broad back and strong shoulders, Supported by our entire life Together, on his side, provides Love and respect, care and Attention for the rest of His days.

I'm looking for a Life partner, his sister, someone Who is used to solving Their problems by himself.

A person wants to, athletic, Not a bodybuilder, but someone Who doesn't eat randomly And is close to walking Or swimming in the pool.

Muscovite, no bad habits, officially Divorced with real age. Calm character, does not compete, Is not capable of betrayal.

Enjoys nature, sports, and leads A healthy lifestyle.

Not a fan of the beach. Don't be afraid to write. I'm looking for the One and forever. A woman who is simple And quiet. You want to meet and Always be together, take care Of each other. Preferably well, in a Sorority House, if you're a Bit in the body, there'S nothing terrible. Only from Moscow or Mosk. Your social status doesn't Really matter. Loves home, order, comfort. Likes to be in nature, Go for a walk, pick Mushrooms and berries. Sometimes he likes to go Out to people: to the Theater, cinema, to guests. Moody, likes to cook, invent things. I think I'm an optimist. Yes, it is short-lived. I really want to meet The right person and find understanding. A person aged, serious, kind, Loving life despite the circumstances, Not alphabetically, independent, which can Be counted on in difficult Situations, is not devoid of Intelligence, something in common with mine. A person who, despite his Age, is still full of Vitality, without a prescription. I am great and complete.

I am an honest, hardworking woman

Someone who goes crazy for Form parameters is too uninteresting. Everything glitters, the belt. And the one I need, Read above. Seriously for a man for A stable relationship or life together. You don't participate in Any of these experiences, you Don't correspond or follow Them, and you don't Live in the virtual world. Only a normal, truthful, human Acquaintance in good female hands. In unpretentious food, to the Left, at home.

Passport and vaccinations.

On, my sun and many others. The mother's phrase goes On and on. For women who are not Prone to obesity, no more Than years. The word ass faints., it is difficult to Understand, difficult to calm down And nothing can be understood. I'm a proponent of It, so no one is Particularly looking for it, and I will marry the first One, the letter, photo is optional. An active, positive, elegant personality, With a cute one who Knows how to make Braga, Wash off brandy, pickle cucumbers, Without problems with housing, and A great sense of humor With me, you're ashamed, But not bored. I'd like to ask Her future husband: I'm And I'm tired of Looking for you. I'm tired of sitting Around, Gypsies and reading all Sorts of nonsense from foreigners, In fact, men. Listen to me, you scoundrel: The trial was already in, And you are where it is. I'm tired of falling Asleep and waking up alone.

I want, I want this Hand to be at hand.

An ordinary disabled woman of The nd group, without physical Disabilities, I walk calmly in Myself, she takes.

I am kind and righteous, But character is not sugar. A man from to years Old, disabled, without physical disabilities With your city. Kind, caring, intelligent in sex. Housing and finances are not A problem.

My head never hurts.

In his spare time, he Likes: summer, fishing, picking mushrooms In the forest, etc. berries, ride a bike, leave The city for nature to Read, watch detective stories, go To concerts photos With a Girl, I'm leaving. Just three photos. I am looking for communication And a serious relationship with A man from Russia from To years old with hair On his head without red Color, good appearance, do not Abuse alcohol, honest and trustworthy Person years of growth, I Hope to meet her alone. There are three of my Photos in the questionnaire.

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