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.HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR AND TACTI'M AT AN AGE WHEN THE MADNESS HAS PASSED AND THE MADNESS HASN'T BEGUN. PSYCHOLOGICALLY, STABLE. THE AGGRESSOR IN KINDERGARTEN COMMITTED SEVERAL ILLEGAL ACTIONS, ONCE AN ADULT, FIXED it. I LOVE NATURE, SEA AND WATER. FOREST AND ANIMALS. I'M PASSIONATE ABOUT AQUARIUM FISH AND MY FRIENDSHIP WITH HIS DOG. There are many women you Can live with - but you Have to look for the One you can't live Without - You realize that women Don't sleep with her That much, and when she Sleeps with you. A woman and the mother Of her children. cute, thin, good, the child Is not an obstacle.

Some people aren't meant To be tamed

when mutual empathy is ready To move.

OK, and this is very Bad for me Ask why I'm not married. And you ask me to Write, to talk. I will answer all your Questions with a personal message. I wish you successful meetings - Looking for a girl for A serious relationship. You can do it with A child. If on the other side Of the city, then only With moving to my place. It doesn't really matter At the beginning of communication. HE IS NOT PERFECT, NOT ON A WHITE HORSE, AFTER THE DIVORCE TAKES THE HOUSE. THERE ARE ANIMALS SHEPHERD DOG, FROM THE SHORE. I don't have a GLAMOUR MODEL, I'm RUSSIAN MUJIK, I'm a GAS HEATER. You are on the page Of online Dating with men In Rostov-on-don. Here you can view the Dating profile for single men In Rostov-on-don for Free and without registration. After registration, which takes only A few minutes, you get Access to communication with men And children living in other cities. All those who want to Meet, find love, find their Soulmate, get married in the City of Rostov-on-don, Fun meetings.

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