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Loneliness is not a Vice, But a great misunderstanding and Pain, but what is the Gift of GODAnd because do not be Sad, do not be discouraged And do not be discouraged, Because from discouragement-until you Forget the stupid step-even From love to hate. Then join my hut this Is the center, where you Can get everything you need For your soul, heart and Spirituality-WITHOUT a HOME, without A COMPLEX CONNECTION, so BASICALLY There are WOMEN in your CLOTHES, WOMEN, and IF you Are ALONE-AS I LIVE In YOU with JOY and IMPATIENCE for CREATING a COMMON HOME, then DO it and Write urgently, CALL AND COME. I lead an active, optimistic Life, love to cook, create Comfort in the house, face To face with the needle. Love of travel, nature travel, fishing. I'm looking for a Person, in the full sense Of the word. Someone I'd like to Spend the rest of my Life with, someone I can Feel like a woman with.

I want to see in My man the trust and Kindness of a friend.

Beauty is something I love, I love, I share. I love reading, I love Operetta, saxophone and dogs. Creative nature.

Even sweets make their own recipes.

We write, decide to help Each other together, or just talk.

I am an optimist and A realist in relation to life.


Likes to cook, better as A couple.

I want to find an Adult and responsible man with A sense of humor.

Doesn't like peacocks.

Men should have a helping Hand in place first and Foremost, and a good head On their shoulders.

Only for serious relationships, for Starting a family. I want to find a Person who has Hobbies together, Such as Hiking, mountain Hiking Or Cycling, without any problems With housing and financial problems.

A companion, a passive partner, If you need a man'S hand.

I'll tell you why. I'm stubborn, anyway I'Ll do, even if I Don't know make me Talk about family days.

I would like to be Reliable, caring, and non-drinker.

Alcohol - I don't need, And drunks - pass at the Same time, time has no Sound, not mine is not wasted. I am not an ordinary Woman, I can very easily Pack up and go on A -minute trip, but like All women, I have something To forget, I like to Travel, meet new people, I Like to swim and walk In the mountains, I like To relax with friends, I Like my car, I like To read, I like to Listen to the voice of The pastor in the Church, The sound of rain and The sound of the sea, I enjoy a normal woman, Without, I understand only good And reasonable men. Please don't disturb me. Dear and respected men, if You just want to talk, You are boring-you communicate With your neighbors, I have No empty time, no one Talks to them. I want to find a Gentle, calm, humorous companion, half Of my life is gone And gone. Unfortunately, this happens, we love, And the second allows you To love, but it can Not be forever.

Now I want to find reciprocity.

I will say that both Are not Amateurs. A photo with an age Gap of one year. I want to find a Woman for those who are Tired, I guess I'm Far from everything.

No, I'm ready for Restaurants sa means, ready for Tourism, and it all stops, And what I did in Years, but how I decided That I want stability and domestication.

Alien, but enough. It comes from a planet No water, no minerals, inhabited By robots. In search of the most Beautiful star, intergalactic space.

I think it's YOU.

The brightest star in the Universe. Write, I will be happy From communication, from the intersection Of our DOORS of SPACE And the UNIVERSITY. I hope to drown him In YOUR OCEAN. You are on the page Of online Dating in Zhezkazgan. Here you can view the City Dating profile for singles For free and without registration.

After registering, which only takes A few minutes, you get Access to socializing with people Living in other cities.

All those who want to Meet, find love, find their Soulmate, get married in the City, good communication.

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