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All participants in the chat will see it

A little conversationChat-a place on the network where people communicate with each other in real time and exchange instant messages. By the way, the word"chat"has become an international English-language word, where"chat"means"communicate". This message: this is a list of people who are currently in a chat. Click on the name of the person you want to talk to, start typing a message and click on"Log in"- the message will immediately appear on the network.

And if the person wants to, they will print out the answer

In the same way, you can send a message to everyone. Well, if necessary, for the message I saw, only one person-who is addressed, can do it personally (confidentially). This feature is usually called"Send a private message". Sometimes this is also called a"message to your merchant profile". Usually, you just click on a user's name and send them a private (private) message. Before you can chat, in most cases you will need to register. Think of a username (i.e. the name you use to communicate with others).

People don't usually give their real names or make up other names.

On the Internet, this jargon is called a nickname. Then create a password using numbers or letters of the English alphabet. In the address field, enter your email address. Then you will see an image with distorted numbers or letters.

In the empty field next to the image, enter the characters from the image - check on the spot whether you are a man or a bot.

Finally, after you have completed all the forms, click"Submit". Now you can invite them to enter your email address to complete registration. Here is the email in the chat that you want to open, read and click on the link in the chat (the email says exactly where you should click). Then you can log in to the chat by entering the nickname that you came up with when registering, and a password. However, some chat registrations are not required. Since the chat was pleasant, remember these five simple rules: Appointments and conversations should be inconspicuous. Ask your interlocutor about their mood, their opinions about music, the weather, and politics. Don't be afraid to joke and change the direction of the conversation abruptly - it will drive away boredom. Sometimes several rooms appear in the chat that are of interest for communication - try to follow the main topic in this room. When leaving the chat, don't forget to say goodbye to your interlocutors and, if necessary, sign up for the next lesson.

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