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Ways to combat donation censorship Roulette is a website that Allows you to anonymize with Thousands of these anonymous peopleThe site user randomly selects A stranger s and starts An online chat with them. At any time of communication, The user can leave the Current chat and look for Another random conversation partner. At this stage, the site'S traffic ranges from five Hundred thousand to one and A half million people per day. The site was launched in November, Russian at Andre's School, and gained popularity in February, after becoming famous for Helping out with Good morning America, the new York times, And the new York magazine. The site was launched in Test mode in the form Of a chat, to facilitate The search for the interlocutor. Thus, anyone can create a Channel, for example, with the Mind, just print on August, The demonstration of penis and Breast was banned, and on August, forced registration was introduced. Since December, to keep them Off the resource of young People and probably with a Purpose, introduced a one-time Confirmation by returning the contribution via. The value of the Deposit Is cent or cents, which Is symbolic.

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created specifically for this country With a slightly different design Than the source. On more people from CIS Countries are running to the Roulette table. Only twice as much plankton. Some glamorous references to Kiso Suggest that you used a Marquee, such as Kelly Osbourne, Nicole Richie, and Paris Hilton. Among those who have been Reproduced on the site, but Not confirmed, are Ashton Kutcher, A pop-rock band, Jessica Alba, Justin Bieber and others. There were also those who Turned to his fans, for Example, to Harrison Ford. At first, the victim engaged In a dialogue with the Ford family, gradually moving on To the question of Who Is your favorite character in Star wars. If the answer differs from Han Solo's, then it Immediately displeases the Maestro, causing A bumpy ride. On February, at the Soundwave Festival in Melbourne Australia, Vera No longer uses shatrouletka.

It continues to increase the Number of clone sites with A feature that mimics Chatroulette, Although so far no one Can achieve such popularity and fame.

The concentration on a mouse Click significantly exceeds, as as Expected: these sites are usually The ones that are banned on. In the end, Shatruletka managed To Shine in one of The episodes of South Park: Tellingly, with a full explanation Of the topics in the Camera.

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