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To confirm that this is really you please enter your mobile phone numberAfter a shower kinship us in friendship brings.

Stronger than love at times it.

Favorite friend - your support, Support in joy, in trouble. And even though sometimes quarrel, It is expensive you still. Friends are given to us from God. A true friend is a rarity. After loved ones shower not so much. To find them that's the whole secret. And to break nothing, Since it is a true friend if not - may God help him to find other friends. My friends know how to appreciate. And friendship I've always been faithful. For their soul I am sick I always help readily apparent friendship must be mutual.

Love comes and goes, but friendship lasts

But if there is no heat, we don't need to be naive, because it means there is no friendship. Let him go his own way, and I will go mine. What a pity that in life so a little Soul loyal friends love is a ruthless thing. It does not choose its victims and decimated indiscriminately, like a sexually transmitted infection. The first symptoms of this disease are usually accompanied by very pleasant feelings, and naive foolishly rush to their waves, unaware of what awaits them next. Love is constantly accompanied by her faithful companion and friend named Pain. You will definitely have to meet you, as each cherished and sweet injection of love you will receive a generous portion of a burning and unbearable pain. So it was and always will be. We are all sentenced to the test of Love, a test of terrifying and insidious.

Each of us is waiting for a special meal.

Some will be destined to endure the torture of love, some don't. But those fortunate enough to survive, will be tormented forever, because each of them Love marks with his fiery brand. Holy already don't. do not have time. It is not sad, but suitable period of time. When taking off to the point of climax. - notify call off the chill. Disorders I even remembered about the book of Psalms, let I in the future, and gets it in the face.).No. I'm not ready today to the monastery. Be a sinner, Condemn, and blossoming Crush. Be clean-Beastly. Eat to be I don't know. But playing with fate. Again and again you know. TO BE HERSELF ANYMORE.)HAPPINESS is good health and a bad memory)Love more than all treasure, She's a diamond that you can't even buy the kings. She is the whole world, though it embrace only two hands.)Love is a great way to preserve the beauty)SHE is a cat who is stroking to it and purr) Crashed HEART.

It does not matter you will help PVA) there is no better beauty than pee from a height We live among people in cities with a large population.

But as we are alone. I want to take a walk, go to a movie or just to talk, but I understand that no one best friend lives far away, her to go hours ((Chatting on the Internet and on the phone - it's not that. Sometimes I wish someone close was nearby, and this is not where to find it. Or no need to seek, he finds.

Acquaintances and friends a lot, but I want my soul mate to feel close.

There is a saying,"if you want to be happy, be". Why would he not follow. All in your forces. The main thing is to always take a proactive approach. In the course of life, pardon the pun, you are constantly fighting with the flow of life, and if you stop for a moment, you will inevitably relate back. Remember the proverb"God helps those who tries". Follow it, and then your life will really be like a fairy tale. 'Love ‘Is more than my heart It is worse than jumping off the roof Is louder than the cry of mad But much quieter squeak downtrodden mouse Is that every life seeks Finds loses, finds again, Is that a white veil with a wicked grin, prowling On the white light I tell you about love She is weightless, It is easier than your thoughts But remember how soul tearing as she left Like the eyes of tears, She hung hands with their gentle Noose around his neck you wrap leaving nothing from you still of the mind on tiptoe to get asked You won't even be able to see it You will never look into her eyes And think about how not to offend her Not believing that she's really evil You could take her to bloom and to wilt It will devour you like a flower aphids But still it's better to die Than anyone ever loving her well without it strange I miss her tears of joy If she came here goes smoothly Throwing in the face of some nasty things And I keep my door closed So she knocked before entering to me not To be she that I have long forgotten That which I can't.

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