Getting to know one another

His face can say a lot about his personality

In the distant Soviet times, a man and a woman met at work, with friends, in the theater or on the streetIn the modern world, such meetings are rare; more and more often in our humble lives, the Internet with its huge capabilities flashes up. Here you can sit down and choose a couple for life, regardless of age, social status, different views, for different meetings: from gender to marriage. Like meeting a person on the Internet. Apparently, it's very easy to ask a question that has a simple answer, of course, go to a Dating site and choose one or a dozen men and get to know each other. No, not everything is so simple on this Internet. First you need to fill out the questionnaire correctly, you can view the profiles of women already on the site and learn how to fill out your profile correctly. For the best result, you should have a short and interesting, men do not like to read speech and write for a long time. Then you need to choose the photos that will be included in his profile, rather than those that are unrecognizable in editing programs - the best for the person once you understand who he is dealing with. But it is not worth putting up photos, men still like the eyes first, even if they say that they need a soul. Once you enter the data, you will start showing a lot of men to record. Do not jump into the first person who asks you out, but contact them online for at least a week. Look at his photos, if the man did not post his photo, then it is clearly a married man. In the course of correspondence, ask difficult questions, only in secret, because he did not understand, it is calculated. If you are satisfied, put aside his invited wife. The first date must inevitably take place in a public place, you do not know what type of person this is.

The first impression on a person is always correct, listen to your instincts.

See how he behaves, how he talks, how he looks.

Some men allowed themselves to come to a first date in dirty clothes and still without money.

They can't even take you to the bar with a Cup of coffee. So if you are taking a person off the shelves, you can draw the following conclusions about the first meeting. If a person is not neat, it means that he not only respects himself, but above all respects himself. A person uses obscene language in their vocabulary, once you think, and when you need a man. If a person doesn't invite you to a bar and point out that they don't have any money, you can tell if they are poor or greedy or not at all polite. You come to a bar, they bring you a bill, a man who makes giant eyes and says that he left his wallet at home, he offers to pay you and maybe he will refund you, he is an Alphonse and a liar. The person immediately invites you to an appointment at their home or goes for a ride. This is a clear provocation to sexual intercourse. You will not have a serious relationship with such a person. A man begins to find fault with his first wife, and he talks about her all night long.

He meets a lot of weirdos on Dating sites

Forget that one day he still loves her and happiness is not yours. He will remain a memory of his former self for the rest of his life. A man says that one evening he has a beautiful daughter or what a beautiful son, how wonderful they spend the weekend together. There is no place here, he has his idyll, his children. He talks all night about you, your work, your Hobbies.

Think about whether you can live with a person all your life, whether you are just a comfort and a shadow of them. But not everything is as bad as in the points of analysis and in the people.

Not all men are like that.

If he is good, then the first date came with flowers (not chamomile tea in a plastic bag), he was invited to a bar or restaurant, went home in his own car or taxi.

He was gossiping and asking about your life, so it could be your husband. Later, when you find your Prince in this story under the name Internet, you cancel your profile and never go out again, even for minimal interest. Keep your luck. How to get acquainted with a contact person In General, girls have a question about how to get acquainted with a man in contact, but in fact, asking themselves a question about how they will like it, or strange girls are good or prize-winning not so much girls. In General, according to the logic of things, concerns about this as the first steps: But statistics show that many boys, even those for whom knowledge with a girl does not cause difficulties or, often, stop thinking that it would be nice if the girl herself showed interest and tried to meet you first. So if you like a guy, you don't have to worry about being rejected. We do not need to be afraid, especially since this is a contact - no one will break you or bite you. Even if he doesn't love you as a girl, at least you will attract attention or, because you rarely meet a girl who doesn't wait for something, and the same thing takes drastic measures. So, where do I start? All the advantages and disadvantages of Internet Dating in the first place is better.

When professionals prove that this is something more, you can immediately go to the Dating stage.

If you start right, the simple word"Hello"will help you. What you write above will require you to provide information carefully prepared by the young person on his side. So the section is free to choose from. You may have seen a movie that he thought was one of his favorites, read a book, or invented music from his play. Many variations, especially for your first message, do not look like spam, so write competently and with heart. In the future try to present yourself as an interesting companion, and then perhaps offer to meet outside the Internet. If this has not been done, then we should not despair, because the young people are also undecided and may decide to offer a meeting. But you don't always have to practice this approach, the person should be a man and not mumble, and wait for the girl to do something. If she can't gather my thoughts and can't rely on you, think about it, and if the guy you're looking for is the one you're looking for. In General, the chances of contact are high, and there is a good chance that you will find what you need, and it may be that they will find you much sooner. How do I find a friend on the Internet? When communicating with the opposite sex via the Internet it is recommended to follow the following rules: Beware of men who load up more business and work than the President of the country, who does not have time to meet you even during their public holidays.

If a person is busy at throat-clearing meetings with friends, doing Laundry, cooking, etc, you can imagine the place they give you in their lives. Beware of men who are not even online with you on holidays and other important dates: birthday parties, Valentine's Day, or when you need ordinary emotional support.

If you do not rethink your plans for this day and at least sometimes put yourself first, you can always end up in the last place in your life. Be careful what people say about you, try not to miss a single detail. If the story, dates, and arguments in your defense change every day, then this is a warning sign for you. A red flag is itself a vague answer to clearly defined questions. Be especially attentive to stories that are intended to evoke empathy, especially in the case of the death of relatives or relatives or an unexplained serious illness. Remember: if a story seems too fabulous to be true, it's true. Beware of men who try to make you feel guilty for the questions you ask to clarify the situation. If the person who is trying to accuse you of behaving aggressively in response to your expressed desire, it is helpful to remember the old adage about better defenses. Beware of men who use their children to justify their inability to meet you on their territory. They usually say that they don't want their children to get used to You until they understand the gravity of the situation and your relationship. This concern may be justified in the first few months of the conversation, but if you have already met him several times on his territory and he expresses a desire to come to you again and again, then it is obvious that the problem is not with his children and their father. Beware of so-called elusive men, where mobile phones are always turned off or do not call back for a long time. We advise you to be on your guard when he always claims that he did not receive a call or message, and always curses Your operator for the disgusting communication. If they do not appear online or write a response, even though they promised to do so, and also find your explanation unsatisfactory, they will delete it from their contact foreplay. If he has shown the same disrespect to you at least once, you can be sure that he will repeat it so many times. Attention, men, whose mood changes in relation to you, like a spring breeze. At first, they can't talk to you for a long time, they write several times a day, then disappear for a week or even two.

This behavior only makes you a victim of his extravagant and ruthless mood.

They play by their own rules, live by their own schedule. Check the information for your fans.

If you know where he works, find his company's website and compare the information provided there with the information that he provided to you.

And in General, before you meet him in real life, you need to try to use the Internet as much as possible and collect as much information about yourself as possible.

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