How do I enter my phone number in Chatroulette

I'm not sure about the Chatroulette itself

I advise you not to give your number to Chatroulette, as the purpose of this chat is to communicate with random peopleWhat is the format code for Nokia? You can no longer register. If you forgot your registration information, please contact the service customer support.

If it is already registered, you cannot register again

Maybe you can get them with your password or they can provide you with your login details. I'm the only one who has access to your account, and I'm sure there's something you can do, at least you have access to it. I want to create a new ID in the chat. In our chat, I was told to enter the country code of Bangladesh. I wrote this on my pass, and then I see that we are talking. My Facebook account is temporarily suspended.

You will be asked to enter the code that we sent You as your mobile phone number.

So I entered the code number that indicates the code. When I try to enter my friends number in the blink of an eye, the chat will say:"Oops, this is an invalid mobile phone number-help? Hey, I entered my phone number for verification and I am denied access to my number and I entered it correctly including the country code.

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