how to create a social network

I'd like to wish you luck, but I don't think you'll need it

Currently, the opportunity to take a position in social networks is more favorable than everImagine that you (Yes, only they) can be the starting point for Silk or mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Well, that's not true.

This is where the first level will be reached

Not bad, of course, but I've noticed that you become a significant figure among social media creators if you don't allow yourself to be guided by the experience of the past years. The American automobile guru Henry Ford once said:"Failure is only a chance to act smarter.

Despite the fact that these wise words were still applicable years after his death, they have little in common with social media.

Let's just say that Mr. Ford knows absolutely nothing about the Internet. When creating a social network with the intention of dominating the figure on the Internet, Steve jobs philosophy was better oriented:"Copy useless artists, steal great artists."That's Right, Steve. If we take all this into account, then we can say that you are ready to start your way of conquering niches in social networks, focusing on the experience of conquerors. If you consider the following aspects, luck is pre-programmed. Steps to create your social network: Step: Define the concept the first step towards creating a social network The first step in creating a better social network is to develop ideas. But before we begin to achieve this goal, we must prepare ourselves. Drop out of school (University, high school, elementary school, whatever), just as it will only slow down.

First, master the features that Facebook offers, and then learn some of the successful networks that are a kind of"meet next"and are rejected by them.

We don't do that here anymore, remember that. Go to the second step. Step: Invent a name the second stage of creating a network from There are two possibilities here. You can combine two incompatible words (for example, Facebook). But don't forget that the site name must clearly describe its purpose. At this point, you can really only limit your curiosity.

If you don't have any ideas, try picking up items in your room and putting them in the name If this method isn't for you, you may find a completely meaningless word that sounds very important.

Well. Step: Increase your risk capital Step in creating a social network So let's talk about finances.

The development of a social network, which would cause a strong resonance in society, will cost a lot of money, moreover, there is a very high probability of"ruin".

Don't worry, so there is a company specializing in venture capital that can give money. Look for similar companies and arrange a meeting with those who have a soul. Only now we need to think about the business model. It's pretty simple. Because it is necessary. In General, because investors often work according to the old model, and few of them are familiar with the specifics of the Internet. They should draw the statistics, to print graphics and graphic information and even to learn the dictionary by heart. Maybe you should use terms like"web"or"social sites"more often. This will help you convince them that you know what you are talking about. After completing the presentation, you can shake hands with the investors and collect their money. Stage: hiring employees Once you get the funding, the first thing you need to do is get started.

Since he is now a big shot, you can't waste time in the process of working for nothing.

So who do you hire? And now the best part is your friends, of course. A pretty girl from the universities.

Marketing coordinator.

The guy who plays your computer game in tanks between classes. In General, you understand the basics. Be a cool boss and don't forget to pay well for your work. Remember that they are the heart of your system. Try to make them happy - we don't really squeeze time and always pay on time. Stage: Location Step in creating a social network It's time to make the programmer work. Unfortunately, there are times when there's usually a great and funny guy you can get along with, and the devil doesn't know anything about programming. Believe it or not, any of your problems can be solved fairly easily. The Foundation of your social network is to take other people's ideas and change your own approach. Remember that great artists steal. The time has come to put our philosophical thinking into practice. You interpret the code of your favorite social network, apply your own logo, and the game is over. If you are one of those who are lazy and not measurable, you can just use a clone of the Facebook template. Stage: launching a website Step in creating a social network After successfully cloning your favorite social network or developing your own unique code, it's time to launch the site. Get hosting, register your domain name, and start downloading files. The whole process takes an hour or two. This way, your site can serve several million page views and simultaneously be a social network - something worth thinking about, if not first. Step: Relax and wait for profit Step in creating a social network Once the social network is launched and millions of new users are added every day, it's time to make money. People rarely oppose privacy management or advertising. How do you think Zuckerberg made billions? However, unlike Zuckerberg, You will have to use all types of advertising: pop-UPS, banners, contextual advertising, and so on.

This way, you can be sure that the website is fully fulfilling its potential.

It will also improve the interaction with your site and give users the opportunity to discover something new: testing and connecting sensors for weight loss products. Once you have set up your advertising system, you can sit back and watch how satisfied users are with your real estate, but the money ends up in your wallet. Step: Selling a website Step created by a social network - time of sale Once you have entered enough users and advertisers from all over the world, you will most likely face the problem of falling profits.

At this point, it's important not to panic - and for now, you've been waiting.

Yes, that's true.

It's time to sell your company's website that"animates". This will be quite a difficult decision, but in your case it is much better to sell the company's website, which in this case has already proven itself. Also check the appropriate amount of at least millions of dollars. Stage: retired Once you've received the check with the numbers, it's time to rest. The last six months of work have been very difficult for you, and now it would be nice and ideal to get away from these things and work on them. Find Paradise in tropical countries. The Bahamas, male, Thailand, after all. Choose a place where you can buy a house by the sea and make more avant-garde homes available to you. Of course, don't forget to buy a boat and some cars. At this stage of your life, you have other problems - what kind of car to choose.

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