How to date in Germany: personal experience - Our in Germany

Take heed and listen as he told you

Jan Vahe bollard, an immigrant from Germany, told about what unspoken rules there are when meeting and communicating in GermanyAgree, such a story would be superfluous, because the first time you have to tie a lot of Dating. How to answer the traditional question “hi, how's it going.”. Ian advises to always be concise and not throw out at him all of the details of his personal life.

Learn the art of simple conversation, which Americans call

“Do not take this question as a motivation to a detailed story about their actual business and especially to talk about their problems. Even if You and will listen, You will make a negative impression on the interlocutors. In Germany it is not customary to “load” their cases even loved ones, not to mention the friends and acquaintances”. How to contact the source. Exactly so it should be called: “when the interlocutor seems to You its full title, for example (referring to the degree) or, it is said that refer to it should be with this prefix before the name: or. The Germans really appreciate it.” What to talk about in unfamiliar company. “Suitable topics for conversation in the company are also weather, culture, holidays, sports. I almost never heard discussions about politics, illnesses, or discussing someone's personal life. Well, absolutely not customary in Germany to discuss the topic of money. It will be seen as infringement of privacy and most likely will cause a negative”. What to do if you don't know the person or bad heard what was said. It also has its own unspoken rule: a must again, and can not turn away and be silent. “If You about something ask, and Your German is not so good, and You did not understand what was going on, I advise You not to turn away silently to the side, and just try to say that You don't understand the question. Such a standard phrase should always be in Your linguistic Arsenal and often help to establish contact”.

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