How to meet a German

And where to go for German, if you are already in Germany

In any visa waiver places, they are guaranteed to live, what to pay attention to when meetingAll in order to this article.

This question does not have time to hear everyone who decided to engage seriously in the language of Heine and Goethe.

However, most of us are taught the German was not to read the classics in the original. Someone need German for work, someone planning a summer trip to Germany, and someone neither more nor less wants to marry a German. Around fact one German-speaking person and a German, sitting quietly in his Germany, German beer sipping and a match against Dortmund or Bayern looks. Where to find it, Germans like to get to know him. Um, don't worry, ladies (no ladies, too, don't worry), because we have now all the details will tell. You learn, and other social networking in our age of global connectedness and indiscriminate fashion on smartphones it is strange to be not registered to at least one of these sites. every fifth of the average German is not married and is actively looking for the lady of his hearts or ladies to enjoy together.

The Ministry of statistics of Germany has held a survey among young people aged twenty years and found that thirty-one respondents have at least once used the services of Dating websites and marriage agencies in the Internet.

You say, but where do we get it, this German

twenty-two of the respondents admitted that they have thought about it and probably sign up for one of these sites in the near future. on the Internet, while women look first for pictures and then on the profession. It is also noteworthy that women often choose men your age or older, and men are mostly attracted to young girls or ladies at least younger age is that, in principle, suited to each other. The Germans like to get acquainted with beautiful German girls online, often such people end a long correspondence and a trip girls in Germany, but there, you already know the drill. These sites also a lot of single ladies at the age of thirty five who can't find a partner on the level of everyday life. according to a study from the University of Hamburg, two thirds of women over the age of thirty years do not have a permanent partner. It is noteworthy that the higher social status and women's education level, the more likely she is of age to stay alone.

The highest percentage of singles among researchers and professors of universities.

The Internet offers huge opportunities, not only in terms of finding information, but also communication.

Use this chance, don't miss the opportunity to make new contacts and online Dating. Maybe another interlocutor in the chat afterwards will be your one and only lover. And maybe you will find love on a Dating site. you will be asked to answer different questions about yourself that reveal your tastes, preferences and interests, and to fill in details about the prospective partner's age, status, views on life and family, etc. Well more like a fairy tale from a database of registered users you will be offered a list of candidates most corresponding to your profile. For those who consider Dating online frivolous business, tell you where else to catch the German. The most logical option, of course, in Germany. But no matter how logical this option may be, it is also one of the most costly and unreliable options. The Germans on the whole are not used to meet girls on the streets, in the subway or bus and other public places, and fun at parties is often considered as without consequences and commitments to continue the dialogue. To this question most of the answers at school, at University, with friends, at work. Someone someone someone introduced, they already had common friends or acquaintances, they are long time friends in the same circle of friends, and that's the way it developed and turned out. So, if you come to Germany to get acquainted with her future husband-a German, not worth it rely on the flow of interested looks and compliments from the first second of your stay. In Germany, German language courses, the chance to meet some lovely Turkish or Italian are much higher than German. So it is either option with school-work, or look for converging a situation like a football match or a sporting event, concert, when all are United by the wave of positive mood and people are a little relaxed that the distance between your German and the outside world decreased. Or look for a situation when the distance between you and the Germans will be reduced because of external circumstances, for example, during a three-hour flight from Moscow to Berlin in the cabin. Why would such a situation not to start a unobtrusive with the neighbor-Burger.

Or why not join the Germans sitting alone in the train, in advance, of course, asking if the seat next to him.

Such opportunities should be used as a minimum in order to practice speaking German. However, there is another way to get acquainted with the German in his native environment, and no where else but in a German hotel in Mallorca. These Spanish resorts has long been considered the number one holiday of the German youth, when it comes to the sun, the beach, parties, Dating, girls. German students and graduates throughout the company will book the tickets and go to warm side under the southern sun, drink sangria and sleep half the day on the beach after a noisy party. The Germans can always be recognized by the fact that in the morning they took seats by the pool and in the evening the bar is more noisy than dance and flirt with girls. So this time it is necessary to use heart what the Germans remain indifferent to the beautiful beautiful Natalia that so carefully rubbed him in the back of the sunscreen. But not only abroad but also at home easily and with dignity to get acquainted with a foreigner. To start think, where the hell in Germany you can meet foreigners. Of course, the common variant in Moscow or Saint Petersburg. Most of the tourists come to the big cities of the European part of Germany, or makes the tour of the Golden ring, or sent to travel the TRANS-Siberian railway. Here at the airport, train, metro, bus or on the street seeing confused tourists standing with a map in hand, we must not be shy and cute smile, to offer help. Work tour guide, flight attendant or administrator in a hostel or hotel an ideal option for those who only dream about how to meet a foreigner, the world's largest community of travellers. Travelers so call themselves those who travel, staying not in hotels or hotels, and other Travelers, and plays host to visitors from other countries. Journey is a unique opportunity to explore not only the Germans, but in General with people from all over the world, of any nationality and profession to learn a lot about the world. Those who do not have their own the house can accommodate guests, choose the status so it is possible to meet in the center, stroll around the tourist places, show the city from the inside. Travelers on the Journey, as practice shows, occur very rapidly and sometimes travelers are subsequently even close friends, visit each other, travel together. The history of one of my friends is so met her future husband once stayed overnight at his girlfriend, to which the next day was supposed to arrive two German savant, traveling on the TRANS-Siberian on this story you can make movies and write his memoirs. He came to her again in two months, toured the length and breadth of Germany, passing through China and Mongolia, returning to her. Then three months they traveled together across hundreds of miles and kilometers, across countries and continents, and very soon she's going to him now for good.

For those who prefer to stay closer to the ground and to whom the distant romance travel, who is a man of action and business for you are numerous opportunities.

Germany is the largest trading partner of Germany every year, Germany had held hundreds of exhibitions and conferences devoted to the issues of further cooperation. In this environment, you can make acquaintance of the highest level, and who knows, maybe some German Director has long been looking for a new Secretary and not only. The Germans made after the school not to enroll immediately into the University, and to make some social year, or to travel, and often both together. So they every year more and more Germans in Germany, to do a good deed to help society, to learn German and look for the answer to the question, what then is this mysterious German soul. For six months or a year come they often teach German language at universities and language centers of the Goethe Institute, talk about German and communicate with German-speaking audience. If your city has such an organization definitely go to discussions and meetings, this is a great opportunity to hear live the German language and to practice conversational German.

And before you know it, you will have a new story to write his memoirs and tell children and friends.

Stories about how the Prince found his Princess, have long been tales not only for children but also for adults. In a world where the princes are wearing business suits and ties and ride around in the Mercedes instead of the white horses, princesses have to adapt to the new rules of this world and to escape from the castle in light. Princess now not only innocent blinked and read clever books, they also diligently learn foreign languages and believe that somewhere behind the seven hills (visas and borders), Kingdom tridesyatom state (European Union), roams the world (sitting on the couch Hiccuping from) their Prince. And now it will take up your laptop and go online, and maybe they'll find each other or maybe they meet by chance at the airport and mix up the bags Or on the wedding of their best friends that are exactly the same when we found each other when least expected Want to learn German. Enroll school Online Germany. For education need a computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access and be online from anywhere at a time convenient for you.

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