How to Meet a Guy on The street, Means, phrases

Consider that the first step Is to do a person

Today, I'm going to Break out the established patterns And discuss how to take The initiativeI'll talk about how To provoke a guy to Know what to do, what To say, and how to behave. And, of course, to hear The opinion of men on This issue. Men are the stronger sex, And they often flatter when A woman introduces herself to them.

Because the easiest way to Find out is to ask For help.

For example, you come out Of a grocery store with Bags and see a guy You really like. As you pass it, you Accidentally drop one of the packages. Just not where there is Something exciting. When it feigns awkwardness, confusion Asks for help to raise What the liberals are saying.

A channel to talk about Shyness and how to deal With it

Rarely do men refuse to Do this. After everything you've collected, Don't forget to say Thank you and ask if There's anything you can Do to thank them. Perhaps the perfect Cup of Coffee couldn't be better. If you have any spare Seats hands on and with Only one purse, this is The way out.

Go to the guy you Like and tell him that You can't find your Phone, fearing that you've Lost it.

And indeed, there is so Much good information here. Yes, it dials for you, Then you can quickly find Your smartphone. Even when it's in Your purse, it's okay. Just say: Oh, what a Cuckoo, how could he not See here. At the top can offer A Cup of coffee as A thank you or just Say thank you and leave. Indeed, he already has your Phone number. If it's raining and You like the guy under The umbrella, ask him if He's protected from the weather.

Let's say: my feet Are wet, maybe a little dry.

Or they soon adapted my bus. Can I wait until the Storm is over with you." Not before the person Refuses this innocent request for help. But very close, you can Already discuss it. Another option for brave women Who are not afraid to Approach a man, a stranger, In violation of him and Them personal boundaries. If you like a guy, Come up behind him and Give him a hug, or Cover your eyes with your hands. But everything is a little Different: we gently tap on The left shoulder and turn, Running to the right, standing In front of it. When your eyes meet to Present confusion: indeed, it turned Out that it was another Person, and you mistook him For your friend brother, relative. Explain that this is very Similar to your friend's Back: it was very awkward, You apologize. I can see now that It's all messed up. But you can forget about The incident and have a Cup of tea. This method is very simple. Indeed, you can ask whatever You want.

Remember the famous Soviet film Where it is located.

The principle is the same, But the question must be Correctly posed and directed. No need to ask something Inexplicable and incomprehensible. You can ask for a Specific address and explain what Was lost. In large cities, this is Especially easy. Maybe he drives himself and Then takes you home. For those who will make Friends with him with technology Or cars, seeing that you Liked a very interesting gadget Or a certain brand of Car, can we ask you, Since this device to use, Does not create more problems And other things. You can see the person On his sympathy and with The help of non-verbal Cues is a look in The eyes, smile, gestures, etc. Looking to the right in The depth of the selected Person's eyes, hold the Position for a few seconds And look away. Cute and cute smile. Run your hand through your Hair, passing through your neck And cleavage. Come closer to your hip. All these gestures attract men And encourage discovery. But actions should not be Vulgar or provocative. Otherwise, you misunderstand. If you prefer a man Walking with a pet, and Are not afraid to approach Him, then this method can Be very simple.

For example, a guy walks With a dog.

Go up to him and Ask him what the reason For the breed is.

I saw one on the Internet, very beautiful. For a long time, I'Ve been dreaming about a Dog that I'd like And this one. And don't tell me How much she cares. It's hard to keep Her house in the apartment. Maybe there are some peculiarities In education. In this case, you can Ask a lot of questions. Yes, and the young man Will be happy to answer: Indeed, an interest in his Home favorite curious topic of conversation.

You may wonder where you Bought the dog from the kennel.

Just don't need to Know the price, just ask How to contact them.

Thus, he will need to Find the contacts of breeders And pass them on to You, exactly after communication.

Not all girls are ready To adapt to the situation In different ways for meetings. Sometimes it's easier for Them to say everything directly. But not so openly: I Like you, come and meet You although such cases happen, For example, leave a phone number. With this approach, napkin rings With a written number or Business card, if necessary. Leaving the man with the Phone, a sweet smile and Walking away, you obviously have And attract attention.

But if there is embarrassment Before such direct pressure, you Can use the option above, Saying that you have lost Your phone.

Then the home number will Remain, and out of interest You will be able to Call during the conversation. The girl's appearance said Too much.

This plays a significant role In the first opinion of men.

To attract their attention, you May need to have bright Details in the picture. But there are some rules That should not be broken If you want a serious Relationship with a person in The future. Shy girls find it hard To meet men, especially on The street. What to do in this case. Most often, the problem of Women and girls is in A large number of complexes.

They believe that they have A sickly appearance, not a Perfect figure, and so on.

You need to get out Of my head and move Forward, talking only about the Positive aspects. Doesn't want this person To communicate - it's not Serious, it's not your choice. I'm afraid to approach The first one. Besides, no problem. Use the tactic of nonverbal Cues: look at the person For a long time, repeat The steps. He will notice it from Your attention and take the initiative. You can prepare questions in Advance and say them to Yourself several times. Then it will be easier To produce out loud. You can simply ask the Question: how to get through address. You can call a friend And my phone will run Out of battery. In this article, I will Tell you about the most Unusual meeting places. If after the first moments Of communication, i.e. after the first contact, there Is no need to immediately Run away. First, to thank them for Their help, you can ask A few more questions.

This is how communication begins.

If there is a reason To check the compliment of His appearance, clothes. In the conversation, they discussed Topics that interest them-men: Sports, politics, business, etc. When you listen carefully, you Answer questions in private. Guys like it when they listen. And if he feels your Interest as well, he wants The conversation to continue.

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