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Moscow was not built immediately

I would like to find a girl for a serious relationship, but I can't find it, what should I do? You just have to look further

You want everything at once, so once a girl was like you want to.

And it's not happening. But where is it? Maybe you're still inflated requests, and then you need that too.

I met some Friends on the Internet, met me, got married and went to another city.

Someone is assumed, but not for long, and someone had already had children.

Only through communication you can find out your Person, whether it's the girl you're looking for.

There is a technique. You sit down and write on paper what you want to see next to a girl. You can in detail look, character, Hobbies, etc. And it is also necessary to write and a few flaws, with whom you (could it be a living Person). Then this paper may be burned or cleared away, and try, all related to let go of thoughts. Acquaintance is going to happen and the Most unexpected time. In the meantime, do your own things and live your life.

Everything will happen - the wisdom of the people) does not have to search, wait, you have only to live, develop, communicate, or all of self.) Well, you know, it is not an easy task - to find a man who would have understood and arranged, some of the principles of life, and yet these principles are match'd with them, and the appearance was at least pleasant.

I think so, what you simply need is to communicate as much as possible, with a lot of girls, so that one day, when you see it in the spirit of closeness, not only with a beautiful figure and face. You know, I understand, was anxious and could not find the girl, just on the road out, be yourself, if you meet the girl, you immediately understand. well, and in General has helped me, films on films, I learned to go to the girl, and if it is a couple of dozen women, all raw food was my phone away. so go ahead and remind important, the trust. The more you get upset, the harder it will be. Understand, now you have it Obsession, since you decided to put your Problem here.

Not to say courageous, to meet hurry

I can only share my experience. After the break with the civilian's wife, I lived in so. And, you know, because I already have enough of it (drink, drink only homemade solitude), I began actively to seek a companion of life. A suggested, to meet the other the third.

In General, I've found after a certain number of Meetings, that it wasn't mine.

To sang this time, I was still in a Restaurant and or celebrated new years.

And then, our Restaurant was closed and somehow the question is: where to meet? Next to the Restaurant, I also worked in a local newspaper, I had a very good friend, despite a decent age difference.

And once, in November, I visited him at home, he lived with a woman I knew.

We were so mental, that I asked you, the new To celebrate the year. They said that they had taken the daughter of this woman I knew a little.

We both knew each other shamelessly.

You are not asked for, she was against. It was the end of the year. And in July, Zenta, and I (the daughter of this woman) were husband and wife. And since we live together, sometimes the luck goes somewhere in the vicinity, and meets wherever you count. I really want you all to find your happiness. Good luck to you. You try to get to know and you to find a girl through the Internet. Personally, I found a year ago, my husband, and we are happy. You can apply to a wedding Agency. There are only girls, after a serious relationship search. There are lots of them. Of course the Service is paid, but nothing is given for nothing.

Sometimes someone it's really hard to find in the soul, some people search for years and not find.

It is not very easy to meet the love. Maybe you should try and find a suitable Person, the main thing is like, this girl, because girls have their own needs for men. I'm going to tell you a secret. There is not a single Person in the world that would turn for all throughout life, and externally and internally to a different Person. Unfortunately, this is a bitter truth. And the point is that we have to accept another Person with their advantages and disadvantages. This does not mean that you have to get along with someone. You think first, you raise the bar of their demands? The appearance of the girl, which you can now admire after a few years, perhaps, in the heart, is the most usual. And one day you will be an old woman. It wilts like a flower. You're going to love you because of your appearance? Or do you need a younger and fresh? I don't blame you.

Each of us has his own criteria for beauty.

But the beauty is sooner or later disappear. Maybe you'll one day meet a girl in your vicinity, you'll have common interests. But people also change internally. Years later, you'll find that you're very different. You will not always want to see the same TV programmes as you, you will not like the same products as you.

You want to, say, lying on the Couch, and she's going to go, etc.

it Often happens that one of you in a certain period of your life needs less Sex than another.

Can you endure all this? Or if you decide to do with the former Lover? This is the life. Each of us is constantly changing individuality. Those people, men and women, not by illusions trapped in a dream, to find the right Person for your needs, try to find common ground with those you don't like it. Sometimes it is not so. And if it starts to work, it opens up a whole world in front of you. You can build relationships with hardly anyone. These relationships are strong. In addition, you will be flexible to the changing situations of life, to the fact that your Partner is changing externally and internally In General, do you love her for what she is. This is not a high Phrase. It is the only way that you are able to enjoy its advantages and disadvantages, not to raise, but easy and convenient exercise. You see, there are lots of beauties around you, many beautiful girls are mentally, but you don't see it, you can't reveal. You're afraid to get to know you, because it is not, and the second ratio and the third ratio is not that you are afraid to face their shortcomings. So there is no suitable girl. And if you can be with the defects of almost every ready - all of your girls, each of them is your choice. You have to rise above you. Have you seen movies when a man and a beautiful, bitchy woman are together on a desert island? And what are the usual Endings of these stories? Strong love, if both of them can not live without each other.

A wonderful Couple that was born because a man and a woman with views, interests, characters, and external data together were thrown.

Survive as you want. Get used to each other. And after a while you are at home.

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