I would Like to See and Discover a Lot more In my life. And

I would Like to See and Discover a Lot more In my life

And, of Course, both togetherMarried children, Independent, organized, No problems, obligations. The desire To meet And live Is the Maturity of Our life Time in Love and trust. I feel Comfortable being Close to A strong Normal person In every Way: a Polite, lost Taste for Life that Could create Good humor And caring.

I think That all Problems should Be solved With understanding, Common interests And a Desire to love.

Readiness for Reality, communication And development Of relationships Worthy of A person. Relationships make Sense if, At best, Only without them. If communication With a Woman brings pleasure. If life Is more Interesting, easier, More comfortable, Happier, etc. If one Plus one Plus two. Without openness Of interests, I don'T see The meaning Of the market. Female, cute, Cute, better Without children Or adults, Self-contained. With a Reasonable price, Age difference. A person-For emotional Closeness, support And sharing The joys Of life. A serious relationship. My name Is Tatiana. To me Years old. I'm From Ukraine.

I live In new York.

I speak Russian, Ukrainian, And a Little English. I am A very Simple and Calm woman. My profession Is a Psychologist and Business coach. I am Totally against Smoking, drugs, And alcoholism. I like The comfort Of home. I love Men who Love my Cuisine: scrambled Eggs with Pancakes for Breakfast and Cooked meat For dinner.

I'm Looking for An honest, Loyal person That I Can trust, That I'M getting older.

and we Care about Each other.

mutual respect Is one Of the Most important Qualities, tired Of being alone.

I want To know A kind, Gentle, affectionate Person who Could become A friend, A support For me, With whom I would Like to Live the Rest of My life As a Fool, like him.

We need A reliable And loyal Companion in life

I understand That it'S naive To look For fate In such Places, but I believe In miracles. If you Are the One who Reads my Information, also Hold the Same opinion And want To raise A family, Love and Understand each Other, then Write and I will answer. I'm A woman first. I want To love And be loved. I love It when People around Me they End my Life because I am Very active And sociable. I am Light, on And happy To meet New experiences And knowledge. I'm An elegant Party lady And a Sporty, mischievous Little girl. My friends Say that My smile Can brighten Up the Saddest day.

Dream of Meeting a Loyal, kind And loving Person to Start a family.

They say That with A bad Man, a Woman is Strong, and With a Good man, She is happy. If you Want to Be just Weak, just A woman. My dream Is to Find a Girl who Understands me, Loves her, And is loyal.

I would Do anything To be With her.

I love Children very Much, because Children are The joy Of life. Ready to Move, ready To shelter, I want To love And be loved. And you Decide how To act, Maybe you Love me, And I'Ll try To be Your only One and do. in the Kiev region. Here you Can view The profile Of users From all Over the Region for Free and Without registration. By registering On the Site, you Will get The opportunity To communicate With people, Region which Are located Not only In the Kiev region, But also In other Regions and regions. If you Want to Get acquainted, Find love, Make new Acquaintances, make Friends, then The second Half of Our Dating Site is Waiting for You.

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