If Berlin women know that women are alone, then women are alone

But music is a hard electro sound

With bars and clubs, Berlin is blessed like no other city in Italy and open, so that every visitor to Berlin or the capital has the best opportunities to meet women easily

Since the scene is multi-blooded and just clubby, like the others, considering also a certain pre-selection.

Orient Ti in more established places of worship, in addition to the privilege of strong participation and often free entry for women.

But it's definitely something for old vintages

Safe"is like no other place for House, Techno and Electro, also with a new address in the former thermal center Kopenicker str? e. Here you will find especially women who offer strong resistance. Watergate in the Kreuzberg district also offers views of the spree at dawn. The entire Berlin Panorama lives in the second generation of foreigners on the roof of the Sony Center on Potsdamer Platz. Of course, the club is always distinguished by its musical taste. In a more"classical"sense of the word, we can, of course, call the club"Matrix"in Warsaw Posto. R'n'b, Funky him and him, Disco, Rock and Pop on several plans - there is no unfulfilled wish left. For not very young partygoers,"memory"here is also a memory of the Plans of hei the Music. If you want to conquer"hi and he and the rocker chick", then say"I'm talking"right on Heinrich-Hein-Strasse - the wildest rock party in Berlin with the program Rocky Horror. There are so many women in Berlin - where I can meet the right one. great it has become an increasingly popular salsa and Caribbean bean club than 'Soda' in Schonhauser Allee, 'A-Lounge' in Karl-Marx Allee or 'Disco Havanna' in Schonberg, as well as salsa and merengue R B, funk and soul played. If you don't like retro at all, you can choose one of two extremes: the good old"Big Eden"in West city had more of a glitzy glamour charm, probably still attracts high society. Just the opposite, in the"club of the Republic"in Prenzlberg in petty-bourgeois kitsch and a service made in the GDR. And there is also live music, clubs like"Quasimodo"N er U-Bahnhof Zoo or"Bar ogni Ragione"in Schaperna Strada. But women in Berlin also know the sign"husband", because the city is very relaxed pedestrians. Unter den Linden, The Gendarmenmarkt or Potsdamer Platz are safe areas where women like to spend time, and an invitation for coffee is not declined.

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