Internet communication

If only his sense of humor and creativity

The Internet offers us many different opportunities, especially in terms of communicating and finding interesting peopleIcq Skype, forums, Dating sites. Let's focus on the complexity of online communication. Who likes Internet communication from the real world. In life, we are who we are. On the Internet, we are the ones we want to see. So, on the one hand, you should take your virtual image seriously - choose a beautiful nickname and a beautiful photo. And with the other - do not evaluate the interlocutor in his picture on the network. and the resulting picture.

You should know if you want to communicate with Terminator or Peter). When you write a message, you don't have time to think about what she's saying. Direct communication is more direct, and it is harder to hide the answer. In due time I would like to respond to whims and quietly drink you;) Virtual communication is possible over long distances. When you talk to someone online, distance becomes an obstacle only if you decide to meet them.

In other cases, communicating with various Americans to communicate with a neighbor is the opposite of just the time of their online presence. So we'll do it on the Internet. Time of the murder It often happens that he is sitting at work and has nothing to do.

Why don't you talk to someone? Such communication is usually not mandatory, just an easy chat.

Although from time to time it turns into a real friendship. In search of friends there is no time to communicate in reality.

There, they exchanged numbers or were on a social network, and communication continues. In search of a life partner Many people believe that finding a companion online is no more dangerous than in a club or on the street.

At least seriously, before we get to know you and share personal information, we will be able to get to know the person through a conversation. Although, as in the club, you can get to know them. But it's much easier to quit - change your room or page, or even delete your profile. By the way, my friend met her husband on the Internet. And I am sure that this is not the only case. In all cases, approximately the same thing happens at the initial stage of communication on the Internet. Therefore, you can give some General advice. What is better not to do when it comes to the Internet? Believe everything the other person says. Not everyone wants to empty out the first thing they see. Some people like to invent, basically. Non-believers can be gender, age, profession, and photography. These things should be easier, especially since you need to talk first. They are strangers, and no one has sworn in the Bible to"speak only the truth and only the truth."Curiosities are forgotten and will not affect further communication, inaccuracies in business trips that we will have. The longer you have to communicate, the more your communication or, alternatively, the person will eventually become confused, and everything will become clear. Disclosure of"unsubstantiated"personal information to individuals Of course, inventing a new life doesn't count. However, you should not enter your phone number in the information window about you. You can restrict the first name without the last name and zodiac sign. Do not distort information just for your own interests - after all, online communication is built on their exact similarity.

The rest is what happens, and whatever you think is right will come up in the conversation. Photo in the network How to select a photo."School friends"and"contact"are usually with these questions, this does not happen.

Harder on Dating sites. Don't spread your best image. Little or no matter who he falls in love with. And the few things I disappoint when I meet him.

It is better to just choose a photo that makes you look more or less natural.

With a walk or picnic. The question"do you Want to have photos"occurs only during communication in icq and the like. Personally, I prefer to find out before a conversation whether it is possible to exchange with a person who has something in common, and then photos. Someone else sends photos, it's not worth it - or better yet, explain how you want to play it, if you can;) And be prepared to communicate, so that in the end you can exchange photos, especially if you have not yet found common ground - the taste and color of companions is not present.

This is by no means a reason for sadness.

Unfortunately, the Internet is also quite noisy, and this is more than you don't worry about. Tips for searching for people on the Internet I advise you to look for more - there is less chance that you will encounter an eccentric. Almost every online communication system has a search box where you can set the settings you are interested in.

If you are looking for someone without an ambitious plan, it doesn't matter where they live or how old they are.

If only it's not the same job or the street

But it is worth taking care of his interests, something to talk about. Usually search engines offer this option as a keyword. For me, the winning solution is usually the word"communication". If the search engine offers you options, then you should also review your personal data before starting communication. If a person does not want to know on the web, this is usually recorded in personal information. Alternatively, you can find something that will draw your attention to the right person - a quote, a famous movie title. Another sophistry: pay attention to the status of the interlocutor.

If you are"offline", waiting for a response will take much longer than if you were"ready to communicate". Where you can start communicating. I approached another person with a smile and said Hello, you can ask an optional question like"How are you"or"Do you mind talking?"And wait for a response.

Answer-continue the conversation, no-write to someone else. According to my personal statistics, when I speak in ICQ, every second person I talk to answers my questions. Although-sometimes it's not necessary - it's something that can be answered, but it doesn't mean anything to me, just a day like this. And if the person answered - this is by no means a guarantee for a long time. After just a few minutes of conversation, you may lose interest in each other. What can I say? As you wish. Some conversationalists, once the initiative is in your hands, some almost make an attempt. It is useful to have some topics in the cache, such as discussing a new movie or the political situation in the country. Alternatively, it is ideal for playing"Questions". They take turns asking each other questions. One question, the interlocutor answers, you answer my question, the interlocutor asks a question. And so on and so on. You can learn a lot of new things, and having to answer your own questions sets a limit. How to know whether to continue the conversation. The first criterion here is self-interest. I'm still asking if there's any point in continuing. As soon as you get bored, you can compress the connection. And you don't have to explain the reason, especially if the other person is clearly"not your person"- you can add them to the list and ignore them.

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