Introduction of the SIP video recording"date"

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We are happy to introduce a new way to use the voice API's video"data"- via SIP recordingNow you can connect your SIP devices or Softphone directly to the video"data"and use the voice API to create complex so-called management logic. For example, you can get phone numbers for these phones in almost any country. Then decide whether to call you one at a time or at the same time. You can manage call routing by code based on the day of the week, time of day, or caller ID. SIP registration is now available and free of charge for registering multiple devices per user.

To get started, follow the instructions below

The same programmable voice price point for making and receiving calls.

Sere nova, formerly Live Ops Cloud, has built a new extension for the Engage Contact Center to expand its offering.

Previously, the agent's contact center could accept calls in the Engage browser application (with a"date"video) regardless of their location. With SIP registration, agents can use SIP-enabled phones anywhere with the same call experience as if they were in an office with a local infrastructure. In the following cases, SIP phones are connected directly to video"data"without the need to use an IP PBX or the system phone cloud."With the introduction of the video"date"of registration of a SIP service, for participation, customers can implement SIP enhancements in their contact centers, agents, to take advantage of the wide range of hardware and software phones on the market, as well as to solve situations where"video Dating"may not be an option,"said Jeff Thompson, CTO SVP Engineering Sere nova, former Live Ops Cloud. Here, at the"video event"at the headquarters, there are fans who want to try out our technologies. In every room of our offices, there is a SIP-enabled phone that now records"data"directly from video, giving us access to the public telephone network. We no longer pay VoIP providers, which used to cost about $ per device per month. We charge for minutes of conversation and total bill savings depending on our usage - with the date video, You only pay for minutes used.

It is also much easier for us to expand in new places.

We don't have to worry about finding a local supplier and managing installations.

The above videos are a double bucket to accommodate logical call handling for incoming calls on your SIP enabled phone Just configure outgoing calls to PSTN, using the sample application shown below.

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