Just like The girls In Saudi Arabia. Central Asian Concerts

And in their minds, it'S the same thing

Yes, it closes almost everything

We must start with the Fact that today's Saudi Arabia is home to many peoplesNone of the expatriate Muslims Met on the street or In the posh neighborhood of Local shopping centers, shared their Contacts on social networks, and Then continued their knowledgeAnd here, for residents, the View in the Western direction Is very difficult due to Strict Muslim women, rules and Traditions of the country. The wide spread of the Internet is usually had through Sisters who, for a fee Or just heartfelt kindness, might Reduce her brother to consenting With this friend. Then there was a long Era of po meetings - it Was the Saudis who discovered This way to start a relationship. Now this is a heavy Burden taken on, and unlike Iran and China, it is Not prohibited here. If you don't consistently Search for adventures on social Networks, you can find out In a mix of restaurants For both sexes, while studying Abroad, at work, whether there Are men and women. You can try a nice neighbor. Here it comes to mind That ladies are dressed from Head to toe.

But Saudis knows that it Doesn't stop those who Are suffering.

Those who think that a Woman is in a bag From which the eyes are Visible cannot Express themselves, they Simply do not see Arabic manners. But Saudi women to accidentally Spill on the ground passers-by. And the only thing that Is set by displaying body Parts is the eyes of Arab ladies, so you never Let Westerners in.

If primary knowledge somehow took Place, then here, in truth, Everything is complicated.

In other cities, this is, Of course, it is very Difficult, except for three big Cities-Riyadh, Jeddah and Dhahran. In the past, couples have Traveled to neighboring countries for This purpose.

People here live mostly close To the border, but because Most often it will be No more than an hour Or two.

You can arrange a meeting-In the shopping center or On the beach. There used to be the Religious police of Arabia, who Were always approached with questions For any young couple, but Now they are long gone, And no one will ask You for a marriage certificate.

It's not as horrifying As it sounds

You can also go on A picnic and from there Spend with his girlfriend, to Some people's evenings in The desert. But the most convenient way To communicate is in local restaurants. They do not open from A room with tables, as In Europe, and have rooms Or booths made of partitions. Finally, we can meet at Home, but as in the West, it will be a Big step forward, and you Must be one hundred percent Sure of the other, and That at the most crucial Moment, no one comes down And raises their hair. It is clear that all These funds very complex and Risky, but not spoiled in This sense, decided not to Do it.

Moreover, most of them do Not suffer much from this situation.

Despite the fact that sometimes There are love marriages, there Is a stable tradition in Society of creating family unions With the consent of parents. Imagine that you are twenty Years old, and all you Have ever had with the Opposite sex is a kiss On the cheek of a cousin.

And here the parents show A picture of a girl And say that she can Be your wife.

Trust me, there's a Chance you'll fall in Love with her if you Lose your memory. A friend of mine worked With single people who were Well-educated, spoke English, and Felt comfortable in Western society. According to her, they did Not like this life, and They all wanted to return Home.


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