Learn German through communication with native speakers

For communication, use the chat via Skype

You've watched movies and listened to music in German and your listening skills and understanding at a sufficient level, then it's time to take up the study of German through communication with native speakersCommunication with the media is one of the most important steps in mastering a new language, which can greatly increase the level of knowledge. However, communication with native speakers for many poses some difficulties. What if in the near future you are going to visit German-speaking countries. Fortunately, the Internet and modern technology give the opportunity to immerse themselves in communication with foreigners, without leaving home. A list of special sites to search for partners to communicate in this article. is a free service that helps to unite those who wish to learn the language, including German, from around the world. The platform contains over million registered users from more than countries. The main idea of this site - searching for pen pals to practice with them to learn the language, corresponding via e-mail.

On the website you can also maintain a written chat, but no video chat.

The search process is simple, and, most importantly, free

But who hinders to use Skype. is a free educational website for anyone learning a foreign language. This service is developed with the aim of bringing people from around the globe. On the website was a lot active people who want to improve and practice your foreign language skills. This site has collected about thousand people who are multilingual. The site is absolutely free and allows you to find other enthusiasts with whom you can regularly communicate and practice the knowledge of the German language. is a free service, which more than thirty thousand users, who want to find mate. Simply sign up, specify your preferred language, choose a pen PAL and begin to communicate with him. A feature of this site is the ability to communicate through integrated video chat and not via Skype, as on many other sites. With site where you can improve skills of writing and reading, by communicating through the chat, finding a pen PAL.

There is also the opportunity to practice the German language using chat, voice or video chat.

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