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In online video chat, moderators use high-quality video and audio technologies inserted in the imageSo the chat has the effect of a TV stream with high-quality images. Questions are received from chat participants via the Internet, and the so-called"on-line"moderator can answer them in real time in front of the camera. In parallel, they can view data from presentations, drawings, or videos. Additional streams with a small amount of data are generated for Internet connections, and special streams are provided for tablets and smartphones. In the video chat, product specialists can directly answer questions from participants. This technology is rapidly gaining popularity around the world and allows debates to be conducted in a simple text format. The main advantage: to participate in"video Chat"does not require a high-speed Internet connection. The user only needs a modern web browser, such as the popular Chrome browser or Internet Explorer. Definition of terms from live broadcasts and web television Web TV, the live broadcast of these terms now and in recent years, which cause a lot of excitement and are basically the same: live streaming of events over the Internet or providing video on demand. The range of possibilities is almost limitless: live streaming of concerts, conferences or advertising on the Internet, interactive training programs in a format or global scale, video conferences, up to major sporting events. What is Video streaming? In this term, they implement"live"events in real time in digital networks. The sequence and structure are similar to"live"events on television, except that there are other techniques for transmitting information. In live broadcasting, the signal is transmitted, for example, via a PTA (mobile TV station) or fiber-optic network via satellite or radio. On the other hand, when live broadcasting, the signal is transmitted via an Internet line on an Internet reader. The advantage of streaming, in addition to huge cost savings, is that it integrates channels of feedback and interaction with a global audience. "TV"has its own video center with recording quality that meets the highest standards. Currently, users can simultaneously access the video as a whole. The used"TV"technology also allows you to transmit and record information such as the format of a video file and presentation.

In principle, any event (seminar, training, report, etc.) can be transmitted worldwide if the data stream is generated simultaneously in different quality and for different devices (PC, mobile phone, etc.).

access to the streams can be obtained by a simple link, even after registration.

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