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Live webcam chat helps you meet people from all over the worldWith online chat it is fun to spend your free time, make new friends and learn a lot of interesting things. To start video chat, just click Start. If video chat doesn't work Sometimes video chat may not work.

This may be related to the proxy server settings. In a video chat in real time Sometimes people can use a normal video in our webcam video chats.

So try not to get hooked, even if it is forbidden by the rules. Russian video chat rules It is forbidden to behave disrespectfully towards the interlocutor: behave rudely and use bad words; national, racial and religious slurs; threaten the other side. Non-smokers behave vulgarly: offer virtual sex; Use words that may have sexual overtones (girt, sign, etc.). being in a chat without clothes and underwear; show their genitals and other intimate parts of the body; touch your genitals, even through your clothes; Move the camera under your chest (try to hold your face). perform any actions that may be considered obscene. Instead, they can't be foreign images: Point the camera at the monitor; Control your camera to get images; Point your camera at any text message; Use emulators a web camera. No spam: send an image or write advertising messages; send any contact person for reference; Bulk sending of messages; invite users to perform online operations: vote, enter"I like", participate in a survey, visit a website, and so on. Complaint handling system Any user chat can send a complaint to your interlocutor. The complaint is accompanied by a photo of the user, based on which the moderator makes a decision about the bath. Moderators respond to complaints hours a day, seven days a week. If a user violates the chat rules by frequently complaining about a large number of users, they will automatically block themselves. The complex mechanism of the complaint handling system eliminates accidental or unfair blocking. The management of"Videochat"is not responsible for the actions of users, but for all forces trying to fight criminals. It is physically impossible to track all violations in the chat, and for this reason, we ask you to report violations.

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