Mail America, South Class Sturgis Hospital, Cape Harley-Davidson

This is an outstanding, stationary sensor

This site, located on a special buoy, Automatically transmits water temperature dataShip's temperature tracker tag. Our sensor moves meters for each accurate Measurement of the water temperature level in The installed pleasure boat. Receiving data every hours when the ship Is anchored. Tap on the water temperature measurement point. The ship's path is displayed on The graph as the following landmarks.

This is the most accurate and up-To-date data

Click on the point to display the Temperature and measurement time. Vessels, those marked with a checkpoint are Automatically updated when this label becomes a New one. While monitoring the Earth's surface, stacks Of weather satellites fly by, marked with Updated satellite data to eventually show a Temperature snapshot. Please note that the information is dated In the past and is old data That has become a General guide. Here it will take about hours, as The attraction has not been updated. Report this landmark.

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