Meeting of the bilateral Commission - the conclusion of statement

The desecration must be rejected and condemned

The bilateral Commission of the delegations of the Commission of the Hl meetingChair for the religious relations to Judaism and the chief Rabbinate of Israel for relations with the Catholic Church - Statement of completion. At the sixth Meeting of the bilateral Commission held in Rome, we have treated the subject of the relations between human life and technology, in the consciousness of the great progress that has been made in medicine, as well as the challenges and opportunities they pose. We confirm the principles of our respective religious traditions, according to which God is the Creator and Lord of all life and that human life is sacred because, as the Bible teaches, the human Person was created in the image of God (cf., Gen, -). To decide due to the fact that life is a divine gift that preserves and care must be taken to discard, we decided the idea of a rule of the people over the life or the Right of any person or a group of people, about its value or duration. Consequently, we reject the concept of active euthanasia as illegal Pretensions of the people to determine the time of death of the human Person, of what only the Power of God.

We thank the Creator that he has given man the ability to heal and preserve life, and for the significant progress that has been made in this respect of science, medicine and technology of the present.

Nevertheless, we recognize that this positive progress will bring greater responsibilities, profound ethical challenges and potential dangers. In this context, we highlight the Teachings of our ancestral heritage, according to which every human Knowledge and human ability must be used to promote the life and Dignity of the people, and you need to match the moral values, which are derived from the above-mentioned principles. Consequently, it must be in recognition of the fact that not everything that is technically feasible is also ethically acceptable is, limits in the scientific and technological application. Respect and care for human life must be a universal moral imperative that every civil society and its laws, to promote a culture of life. Also in rejection of the arrogance of the people that take the divine prerogative to determine the time of death, point of claim, we underline the obligation to do everything possible to give human Suffering relief. We urge the medical staff and the scientists, for all issues relating to life and death, and to have the wisdom of the Religion. Therefore, we recommend that in these matters a consultation not only with the respective families, but also with the competent religious authorities is to take place. Our common Belief that life on this Earth is, in reality, only a part of the human existence, must bring us, on the contrary, the greatest caution to preserve it against the outer "shell" - of the human form - in which the Person is in this world of concrete reality. Consequently, we reject entirely the idea that the time-limited nature of human existence on the earth could allow us to exploit this. In this context, we condemn the shedding of strongly any kind of blood, that is the promotion of any ideology to the target - particularly if this is done in the name of Religion. Such an act is nothing else than a profanation of the divine Name. Therefore, we try to achieve progress of humanity for the common good through the promotion of the respect towards God, towards the Religion and its symbols, against the Holy sites and the sites of prayer. At the same time such abuses and the current tensions between the cultures make it necessary that we go beyond our bilateral dialogue, we have special gang obliged. Therefore, we believe that it is our duty to try, in the Muslim world and its leaders in respectful dialogue and cooperation. In addition, we appeal to the Great ones of the world, the positive force of the religious Dimension to recognise that contributes to the solution of conflicts and tensions, and to you we turn with the request to support the inter-religious dialogue.

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